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Hello ,

I am very delighted to see that you sent me an email, it goes to show that you are a humble person. I registered on that site with that hope I find a real man to build something really serious together, I really do hope you are a serious person?

My name is Lilian J. Belt. I am from San Jose, California. I will start by saying that I have had my unfair share of pain in life; I opened my eyes for the first time in this world, but I did so without seeing my mum because she died during my birth. I never really had any fond memories with her because we never spent any time together in this world, but I have always been eternally grateful for the woman she was and her sacrifices.

Growing up was a bit hard, although my dad actually tried to make me not lack anything but I could still feel the absence of a mum. But I did not let this weigh me down. I also had my paternal grand parents. Life was smooth. Then there came a date that I will never forget in my life; 27th August, 2006, a year after my high school graduation, My dad was involved in a plane crash. He was an Army National Guard. Him, and his Unit were killed in the Comair Flight 5191. which all the passengers died.

I was left devastated, my life was in ruins. I did not know why life had been so unfair towards me, this was actually a terrible phase in my life, but I still pulled through.

I got admission into the University of San diego. Two years into my University education, I enrolled for the U.S Army Reserve Officer Training Corps, with two Academic years of college remaining, I got the scholarship for the ROTC.
I completed my Basic Combat Training and I accepted a commission to serve on Active Duty. Due to my Time in Service, I achieved Grade E-4 and became a Corporal and after some months of long service and dedication, I was made Sergeant. I felt A little accomplished in life. The military life has not been an easy walk though. It has come with more responsibility, but I have been equal to the task since day 1.

I am presently Part of the Female Engagement Team with a company out of the 82nd ABN Division posted in Afghanistan. But before my present posting, I had a brief tour in Iraq. We have been trying to take the fight back to the ISIS and the Talibans operating out of Afghanistan. Terrorism is something that I believe that needs to stop and I will do my part in making sure of that.

I actually stopped believing in Love when a guy broke my heart... we met at a boot camp and fell in love, we were together for almost 3 years, until he decided to cheat on me with another woman. I took comfort in my job, and helping people. But at the same time, there is no love than the love you get from your family; This is why I now know that it is time I start my own family, because I believe that family is a very important thing.

I am a very ambitious and dedicated woman, I am an intelligent and thoughtful person, enthusiastic, fun, smart, playful, outgoing and active. I have an endless supply of laughs and adventure. I'm very easy-going, sincere, compassionate, respectful, and a person who enjoys life. I have a positive attitude and outlook and I know what I want out of life. I love to laugh and have fun. I am also very responsible and mature. I enjoy challenges, both physically and mentally. I have the desire to learn new things. I'm very affectionate and romantic at heart. I am very passionate about things that are important to me and my personality is strong and confident. I like to learn and try new things. I am interested in building a real and honest relationship. something really serious. I do not want to go through pain again, I think I need a man who really understands life and what it means to love and live. I am not here to play games and I sincerely hope that you are a serious person and you are not here to waste my time, because I am willing to give you my time.

I will stop here for now. I want you to write to me, and also tell me about yourself. I will like to know more about you; your likes and dislikes. I believe with constant communication, we can build something real.

Yours truly