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Good morning ,

How are you doing? Hope you're having a great weekend? mine isn't going bad either. Thank you for your effort in sending me message. As for expectations...I have few. I am easy going, with an open mind, though am very skeptical about using sites of this kind, so will tread carefully and expect little... Anything is a bonus! I am 100% open and honest (too much so!) and like to be treated the same. I used to work in Hampshire, as an assistant nurse for a hospital and was often working away from home, throughout the UK, but usually the North, or Scotland. I like to make others smile, but am very good at seeing through people who are not genuine. Life's too short not to enjoy it. I must also say that the name of this site is off putting is very derisory and demeaning to we ladies, but I guess the fact that I signed up to it shows my red-blooded side - I'm a girl who loves to enjoy the physical side of relationships, though only with people I can connect with.

Anyway, I am 34, hazel eyes, a 5'6'' tall, decent, honest and genuine lady recently become hurt and unfortunately single but life must go on. I am open to any relationship, and i envisage lots of sex, companionship (if need be) and intimacy. I was born in Nottingham,to a Dutch dad and an English mom... My parents have two children, me and my younger brother, but about 10 years ago my father and my brother had a terrible car accident and they both died few minutes after they were hit by a drunken truck driver. It was a terrible time for us and it affected my mother she was bedridden for over 1 year after she became hypertensive and has been sick since then... Enough of that crap i know its boring.

Well, my profile on the dating site is full if idiotic banter, and yours is quite scarce too, so we have many ways we could go here. We could start with the mundane crap and talk about our interests, traveling, passions, jobs, and things we like to bitch about, but lets start somewhere different shall we? Well i like to read (books both educative and novels) and lately i have been doing some writing likewise, I have a a copy of a Tale of Two Cites that has been sitting on my night stand for 6 months. I couldn't get past the first line..........don't know why. How about our to do lists, what is something that you have accomplished from your list, and something that you haven't? For me, I have always wanted to visit Paris, it strikes me as city full of character and passion, regardless of the Parisian stereotype. I also love stereotypes.........Something that I have completed from my list would be pursuing my interest in writing, although that one is still very much a work in progress. I just managed to depress myself with my apparent lack of completed to do list items, perhaps that's why its a to-do-lists.. i will stop rambling here.

It is important you know I am presently in Nigeria and i here working for a Non governmental agency . If i was there right now i would have told you where to meet up and become acquainted I would like to know more about you and more importantly what your expectations are?

Can't wait to hear back from you and hope you have a lovely weekend..

Hannah xxx