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nice to greet you .

pleasure of mine to get to know more about you. Hm, about skype viber or anything else. I need to know how can those stupid applications be betetr to get to know each other? I am really shocked of men who think this is the faster way. You see, here in Ukraine connection is not available everywhere, we only now are having 3g. So those messengers work not everywhere, besides, we all have our work, and answering not in time, so what is the difference then between mail or those messengers? In mail you can at least write a lot of question, the same as answer them. And there what? "hello how are? and have a nice day?" this is the type of communication you want? ;)))) I agree about skype. This is a great option, but I am available there only like once or twice a week.

Ok now about women in Italy. What do you mean consumerism? They ask money? Hm, well, I assume it is only because men are not making them feel happy. Only women who does not feel happy turn into a heartless bitch who want only money. So don't blame only us ;))))))) Sometimes look at the mirror and see not only the most handsome man in the universe but a selfish terrains ;))) and if you do and can actually be demanding not only from surroudning but first of all from yourself, then you wil lsee, that the whole world would be kind to you either. This is the man I would love to have. That we would be equal in relations, I will be his support, but not a slave. if you are able to be that man, let's continue talking ;)))