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Hi ,

How are you and how have you been? Glad to receive your email. For a start your English is manageable, at least I can understand what you have written. When I get to a part I do not understand, I will let you know . What do you mean by "Svilupe"?
What can I can tell you? OK let me think of a starting point.

Just so you know of my origin and my humble beginnings. My lovely mother is Aussie of Scottish decent while my dad is Italian, sadly I do not speak Italian as I am more of Aussie now lol. I have one brother, Joe, I must tell you boys are quite stubborn as kids you know, betting you were stubborn as a kid as well, don't be shy to tell me that. I spent part of my childhood in Italy & Scotland, and the most part in Mudgee. Physically I'm 5.8ft tall, my head doesn't touch the sky ha ha, my blue eyes do tell. My hair is light brown, average in nature and the last time I hit the scale I weighed 56 kg Lol I do not know what to tell about physical appearance again as not much is based on physical appearance to me. I have never been married before, with no kid but I do enjoy the company of children. My favourite color is pink and red, though I also love blue but not as much, I love all good music with the exception of heavy metal. When you wrote that you like animals, I wasn't sure if you just likes them as every farmer does or you keep them as pets, I am a pet lover. I love the outdoors and travelling like you do, but sometimes enjoy staying home and just relaxing especially after a long week at work. I'm a trainer and a nutritionist.

I do not feel the need to tell you this, but in order to satisfy your curiosity, I was in a bitter relationship which ended sometime ago and now I have moved on. It ended early this year and since then I haven't dated at all, my boyfriend of about four years, one day started to act strange, his sweetness and love I have always known him with was gone and I started to ask myself a lot of questions, was it really me or something. Well, he became a bit abusive.

I think I have written a lot, and now feeling worn out writing you this long because I am not a fast writer. I will leave you to tell me more about yourself.

Kind Regards!
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massive tits is a red flag to hook you for cash