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Hi ) let me tell you that i am very happy to get your letter)
as i hope we can start to know each other better) yes sure it is long
way to know each other personal qualities, but i thinkif two people
have the same aims and desires everything goes the right way, right?

Well, i don't want to be boring) actually i am very funny young lady
of 33 years old named Elena. I'm not married, no children. I live in
Luhansk it is a green town on the east of Ukraine. I think you heard
about this city. Unfortunately, hard times in my city because of the
difficult situation in my country. I will not bore you with the story
about it .I want to tell you that i am very serious about my search of
my beloved. You know there is a saying "If you love, it is nothing...
If you arebeloved it is something.... If your love and you are beloved
- it is EVERYTHING"... so it is what i am looking for!! to love and to
be loved!!! I really want to have a strong family, children ... I
think you understand me :)

You may wonder what qualities of man i need..well as i am simple..I
want that my future beloved is simple too and the main for me-kind,
honest and open minded.Oh yes..the main of the main for me is
violence...when we know each other better step by step you will know
more and more my inner world and i will tell you about me..of course
only if you are interested in me, i hope you are?:)

I hope in your new letter for me you will share with me something new
about you)like education) more about your work) well, i have to finish
now and go to work) wish you to have a good day, chmoki-chmoki to your
cheek) it means kiss)))write me soon, Elena)
Comment #128020
Dice has six different numbers
The probability of a six is 1/6
The probability of getting a double six is 1/6 x1/ 6 = 1/36
The probability of getting the correct seven of 35 numbers in the lotto game is
1/35 x 1/34 x 1/33 x 1/32 x 1/31 x 1/30 x 1/29 = 1/33891580800
probability to contact with an honest Eastern European girl is less than to have seven right in lottery
Now you decide if it is rational to send money to these scammers after some hot e-mails and fake pictures.