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Hello my dear friend ! Thank you for the photos I really liked it.
, I am glad that you haven't rejected
mine letters it is also very happy to write you again. I want to learn
as much as possible about you. I will try to write you everything
about myself. How are you? How was your day today? How is your mood?I
hope that everything is all right! At me everything is remarkable, and
I have rather good day today. And so I want to continue our
acquaintance. In my first letter I have told not everything about
myself. Now I work as a seller in shop of electronics. We sale various
TVs, phones, computers and laptops! Well, about this work I will tell
you later. You agree with me? Now I’d like to tell you about my family
and just a little about myself. My parents live out of the town in a
small village. My father’s name is Boris! Now he doesn't work
anywhere, receives pension. And earlier he worked as a teacher of
Technology at school! He loves sport! Doesn’t seat at home! In summer
he likes to go fishing also or hunting, or just walking in the wood
and breathing fresh air, and in winter he likes skiing! My mother’s
name is Elena, she is on pension too. Probably,I consider my mother is
the kindest and careful! She is very good. II am very glad that my
parents could find each other, and they are still live very happy! I
am supported and help with everything!You know when I was 10 years
old, My friends and me have gone for a walk. It was summer, and
weather was very fine. We didn't even think of time. And we have so
played that there has come night. When we have come home, our parents
were very angry :-).We even couldn't assume what it can happen? After
that parents have told me if I gather somewhere, then I have o always
to warn them. And after that I always so warned them, and we had no
such conflicts. I always said them where I went, and they have begun
to trust me. I never deceived my parents,because they have given me
life, have put me on legs. I am thankful for it. And now I help them a
little. Roberto, I am want to know about your family. I hope, in your
following letter you will tell about them! I will continue the story
about myself. I like my work, different events happen there! Many
buyers come to us. It is interesting for me to communicate with them.
But there are such buyers, that can all mood spoil. But I even about
them I don't want to speak. My working day begins from 9:00 in the
morning. And I work till 19:00 in the evening. From 12:00 and till
13:00 at I have lunch. On Saturday I usually have my day off, but
sometimes I have to come to work in my days off. I think what it will
be enough about work. , in free time I like to go to nature with
my friends and to arrange picnics! Do you like barbecue? It is very
healthy, to have a rest in the day off from city vanities. I even
can't express in words how wonderful it is to be outdoors.Silence of
nature and only birdies sing, it is very pleasant for me. I like in
spring when starlings sing. Their singing calms. Twice a week I go to
fitness club, for maintenance of the beauty and figures. , I’d
like to learn about your hobbies! What music do you love? , I
listen to pop music. I like to listen to the singer Maksim. Maksim is
the Russian singer. Her name is Marina and she was born in my city
Kazan. Now I will finish my letter, darling, andi'll be looking
forward to hearing from you. I send you photos. On it I finish the
letter. Yours faithfully, Sveta