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Hello my new friend ! I am very glad to get acquainted with you. And I hope we can become good friends. I do not have skype and what's app. I can not use it on my phone. I have the usual simple phone, not a smartphone.
I am not very good at using internet but anyway I decided it is a good way to get new friends. That is why I want to explain the reason why I am here right now.
It is possible, I will visit your country soon, and I have made a decision to get acquainted with someone from your country. And at this point I am writing to you.
I have never been abroad and I don't have friends outside Russia.
I really want to know more about you. Could you tell me about you, about your lifestyle in the next letter, please. I hope it is not difficult for you.
I will also write about myself. It is interesting to find out about your family, maybe about your job, friends and hobby.
Ok, I am 28 years old. And I am sure it is a good age for a lady. Because I am still young but nevertheless have got a good life experience. I'm 179 sm tall, and my weight 55 kg. You know I am fit, because I like sports. One of the most important things is to look after myself. In a sound mind, a sound body.
I am sending my photos so you can see me. You know, I am not very photogenic. The photos are usually not very beautiful. But they are important for correspondence so one can see another. I hope you will like me. I am glad, that you have attached your photo with the letter. I like your photo! Thanks! It is very interesting for me to see a person you writing to. So I want to ask you a few questions so we will know each other better. What about sport? Alcohol? Smoking? Please tell me about your habits. As for me I am an only child in the family and I don't have my own kids but I have a dream. I have a dream to build my own family and have wonderful children. My father died, when I was a child. I really miss him. My mother has been growing me since I was 2 years old and she taught me alone. My mother works in hospital. She has got a good job. She has been working in a hospital for a long time and she knows a lot of people. She is respected in our city. I have got a few best girl friends. I spend much of my spare time with them. They say, I have a good sense of humor. I like to laugh at a good joke. I am a cheerful person so my friends do. I live in Zhigulyovsk. It is a small town. It is situated 960 km far from Moscow. I think this information will help you to know me better. I am looking forward to know about you, you job, your city. I don't have bad habits, I don't smoke. I am sure it is important for a lady not have bad habits. When gathering together with friends I can drink a glass of wine but not more. I am really keen on cooking. I usually cook fish soup, borsch, salads. You can write about your favourite dish, or maybe your cooking experience. I personally like flowers. They really make our life more beautiful-at home, outside, at work. Oh yes I have forgotten to tell you about my job. I have decided to go on a way of my mum. I have decided to become the nurse and to help people. I work as the nurse in one of our hospitals. I perform different work in hospital. I do injections. I put a drips to the patient. I help people. I think, that is enough about me. I has written a really big letter. I hope you are not tired of my little letter. So what do you do? Where do you work? Please tell me about your interests. I am really looking forward to your reply. I hope my letter will not be lost with no attention. I will read your letter with pleasure and will surely reply,