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I'm sorry to not answer your letter immediately.
First, I want to thank you for the answer.
I am very concerned that you do not answer me. I am very
happy when I received your letter. It is very interesting to get a letter from another country. I want
get to know you. How do you live? What are you doing?
How to rest? Let me do you think when you read my letter? I want
know you. How do you live in your country? I have a lot
Questions. But I'll just write some, what would you not tired of my
inquiries. Answer those you deem necessary to answer. You can
ask me questions. I will also try to answer. But if I
I will not answer certain questions, ask me again. We are with you
We communicate in different languages, and I do not understand your question.
I would like to know. I was born December 25, 1986, my height 168 cm,
my weight is 57 kg. Your intentions to me? What do you love me?
(I want a serious relationship), you traveled in Russia?
Do you think that someone in the family needs to be a leader? Man? Or a woman? And why?
it will be interesting for me to read your answers. I
I wish you respond. But if you do not have time to answer, I
I understand. You can answer later. In the following letter, for example. I think that
that man and woman must not be the same. They can be
different interests. They need to understand and trust.
Then there will be harmony in the family. I am sure that the most important thing in
relationship is trust. It is impossible to cheat. Even small things, you can not
cheat. Then it will and trust. After all, without trust there is no love.
The woman should take her man as he is! He is
the man! It is one of a lifetime. A woman must be faithful to his
Man and respond to their needs. But a man must love
his wife and cherish. What do you think about this? Am I right in their
statements? Now, a little about me. My name is Irina. friends
call me Ira. And you can call me. I married.
And I do not have children. I live with my parents. I live with my parents, that would take care of them.
And to help them. My day starts at 8:00. I wake up, I wash and make a run around the park,
not far from our house. Do not smoke and do not drink alcohol a
maximum of 1-2 glass of wine, but only in celebration. I love
sport, sometimes if I have time, I do aerobics. In summer,
I like swimming, and winter skiing. I take a shower after the morning run and breakfast
I'm going to work. I have a driving license, I know how
drive a car before a car (brand Hyundai Getz)
but I have to sell it a year ago, because the shuttle
work, I find it easier on the bus.
My working day starts at 10:00. I finish work at 20:00.
But sometimes I have to stay at work longer. I work
a lot. So unfortunately, I probably will not be able to
write you every day. Because sometimes I can work more than replace companion.
But you should know that I always answer your letter, even a little later.
How long is your work day? I already have it
wrote that I was working as an editor in the magazine. I
as my work. I communicate with interesting people. It is very interesting and
informative. After work, I go home. my weekend, I try to spend with your family.
Or sometimes I walk with her friends. We will
coffee or in the movies. Sometimes we go to the theater. You say that my life
rich and interesting. I am a beautiful girl, and why I can not
find the other half loved. all my friends are my love,
half. But I do not do it. It does not depend on the beauty or youth,
I believe that to meet the love, it is fate and I believe in fate. Who knows,
Perhaps you are my destiny? Now I have. A friend of
another country. It is you! You are very interesting to me. And I want to know you
better and develop our relations. What do you think about this? I am very
happy. I will not be sad. I think everyone deserves to love and be
prefer! It does not matter rich or poor! I does not matter the age,
the social and financial status, important to me the man himself. I just wanna be
with a man who will love me, appreciate and respect. We must
to love and be loved. Write me more about yourself. I want to know you
better. I send you a picture. I will try to send the
Photos in each letter. I hope you like my photos. I look forward to wait for your answer.