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Penza Russia

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Hello. I am very glad that you could to find for me time and couldwrite to me, to me it is very pleasant. I do not know from what tobegin our acquaintance, I can tell about myself a little: my nameRita, I live in Russia, in the city of Penza. I the simple girl, Ilove an active way of life, I like to go in for sports when I have forthis purpose time, I love volleyball, also I am engaged fitness, I wasnever married and I have no children. I like to be in the goodphysical form, and you can be convinced of it when will see my photos,I will send you my photos and I hope that you also will send to mesome your photos. I wish to tell to you that I wish to find in theman, for me it is important that the man could understand me and to bewith me gentle, for me money is not important how many the man has,and for me not so it is important as he looks, I concern type of girlswhich appreciate character and the relation to, also I love a code theman observes family values. Probably to you will seem strange that Icannot find to myself the person in my country, I will answer thisquestion, I had some times relations with men, but I could not receivethat that I want. I wish to have a strong family, and I can understandonly long relations, and people with which I concerned did not wantit. And I have decided to write on a site of acquaintances, I hopefind here the person which can to understand me and can do me happy.Also I have some questions for you: what can you tell about thecharacter and what you wish to search in the woman? I will wait yourletter with the big impatience. Kisses Rita


Hello xxx. Thanks for your letter. I was very glad to receive itToday.Many thanks for a photo which you have sent me. I am very gladto it, I can tell, that you very beautiful man and I am glad, that wehave met With you.Dear xxx, I have so many questions to you, and Ihope, that I learn All about you.I search a Serious relations with the correct man. So,now I would like to tell You it is more about my character. I do notknow from what to begin... It Difficult enough, but I will try. Ithink that I sociable enough person. I Like to communicate with goodpeople. In people I estimate the such Qualities as honesty andfidelity. I trust in love, and is ready on Much for the sake of it. Ijealous enough. Like all women, I love to Receive gifts and to listento a congratulation. Especially I love when to me give flowers redroses. I adore to prepare. I know many Various recipes and I like tosurprise. I think that I very romantic The person. I think that themost important for the woman it not success Or career. The family andlove should take the first place. I want I will meet man with which tohave beautiful and romantic relations. During the long Time I did notmeet such person. But I trust in it All my heart. Dear Tomas, tell tome more about you directly, about People, with which you surrounded?About your last relations? It Inconvenient for me to set you suchpersonal questions, but for me it Is interesting to know in thegreatest possible degree about you! Write soon. I Will wait for yourletter. Rita

Last letter.

Hello xxx. I am glad to receive again from you the letter.For me it is very pleasant to receive your letters and with each new letter we learn more friend from the friend. Earlier to me it was boring, but when I have got acquainted with you all have changed for me. I am happy to our dialogue, everyone new your letter encourages me. In this letter I send you other photos, I hope, that they also will like you!On these a photo I and my mum, and on other photo my father and my cousin. Still I send you a photo where I am represented and my cat "murka". I like pets. Tell you have pets? Dear xxx, tell to me more about your family? About relatives?What relations at you among themselves? How often you gather? In my family very warm relations. I wish to tell to you I live together with parents. We live together in apartment from three rooms, kitchen, a bath and a balcony. I the only child in family and at me was not present brothers and sisters. My father a name Igor and it works as the trainer in a basketball command. He loves sports and likely its love to sports was transferred to me. A name of my mum Anna. It any more does not do work within several years, it the housewife. I love parents and we often spend time together. In the summer we like a lot of time to spend on the nature. I like to be on a beach. I in general like to float. But it at me turns out very seldom because of my work. Likely it is interesting to you to know about my last relations. Last serious relations at me were in the last summer, but we could not construct the relation. Now I am assured, that we did not love each other. It is difficult enough for choosing really good partner, but I think, that when it will take place with me I I will understand it for myself. Therefore I have decided to address on a site of acquaintances. I want will meet the man which which to love and respect me. I am ready will not create family in which quarrels and conflicts. I hope, that this letter will help to tell more about me and my character. On it I finish the letter. I wait for yours after the letter. Yours Rita