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Hi my new friend of ! I am very glad that you interested in
me. And I will to make you to be not disappointed in me and to know as
much as possible about me. I also want to know you better. I I want to
say thanks for the photo. I like your photo, I think you're an
attractive man. And I'm glad we met you. I understand that you are
Italian, but why should that be a problem?? Everything is very good.
I'm sorry, but I don't have the ability to talk on Skype and WatsApp
because my phone not support such programs. I want to talk about the
situation with my cell phone. At the moment I have the simple phone
Nokia 101. You probably don't even remember how it approximately look
like?? I can say that there is no touch screen and absolutely no
program. The reason is that two months ago my Samsung was stolen along
with my purse. I went to the police but it yielded no results. Thus, I
was left without a modern phone. I want to tell about myself a little
bit! My name is Svetlana if you have desire, you can just call Sveta!
I live in Russia, in the city Kazan. I am 28 years old. I am quite
attractive girl. But about the qualities I won't speak now, it is bad
to tell it about myself so, you you will understand everything during
our correspondence! Probably you want to know why a Russian girl wants
to find a man from another countries. So… my heart has been broken, I
loved the man and thought that he was my ideal who wanted to construct
a family, unfortunately, this story ended sad and I don't want to
remember it. After this relation I had no relation with men from
Russia, as the most of them are not serious. The majority of them only
think how to spend their evening with a beautiful girl. I can't
understand it! And that’s why I decided to look for a man in the
Internet. Personally I think that only this way I is possible to find
a man who will spend more time with his girl! Darling, I hope that you
will take each my word seriously, and also I will be support our
communication! Now I continue the story about myself. My growth is 170
centimeters. My weight – 55 kg.As for my hobby: in my free time I like
to walk in the park, go to a campaign with friends, I love animals. In
my family I am the only child, I have no brothers and sisters. I have
never been married and I have no children. Have you been married? AS
for your children? In my free time I like to walk around the city,
sometimes visit my parents! I love sport, cooking, watching different
series, comedies, movies about animals, and the most pleasant for me
are romantic movies! The most of all I like "to Hurry To love"! This
movie I watched hundreds of times, and I never get tired of watching
it. And at each viewing of the movie, I cry. These are the tears of
pleasure, from the man's action for the sick girl! Have you watched
this movie? And what could you do this way for the sick girl whom you
love very much! The movie is very strong, and it’s pleasant for me. I
also like movies with logical thinking. It is the movie "Da Vinci
Code","Treasures of the nation". And also wonderful movie is" Hachiko
the most true friend". Dear friend, I’d like you to tell little about
yourself. How do you like to spend your time? Where do you work? I ask
you to answer my questions and this way I will be able to understand,
your serious relation to our acquaintance! Well? We need to learn
gradually more about each other. Only this way it is possible to learn
all qualities of a person. And then it is possible to make conclusions
whether we approach to each other or not! Dear friend, I want to ask
you to sent me some photo, it will make our communication to be more
interestingly! Still I want to ask you not to offend me because I ‘m
very fragile girl. I wish you good day! I will wait for your letter
with your photo! Yours faithfully, Sveta