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Hello Tom and Chris. Sorry for only getting back to you guys now. I don't get notifications from this site if there are comments made directly to me for some reason. I also got bitten by an unknown spider a few months back and nearly died from the venom. I was totally unaware of it since I only had a sore foot which I thought was because of a bad fitting shoe. I have permanent back pain so it masked the venom attacking my kidneys. It's only when I couldn't put one foot in front of the other the next morning that I realised I was in trouble.
As for Irina, well she and Julia may have a thing going but I know that when I contacted Julia privately she told me to 'get off that site' Tom I am sorry you spent such a fortune on the belief you were building a relationship with her. I feel your loss and living in a third world country, my loss is just as painful since I could have done so much else with the money.

Chris, I don't know if you met Irina, but say hi to her for me if you do. I would love to see the look on her face. She had my heart in her hands...but I am guessing she knew that all along, or just played dumb! My experience of the website is that 90 percent of the women are only there out of boredom or in it for kickbacks from agencies.
You pay a monthly subscription but you have to buy credits to communicate. It's like paying a door fee to enter a bar, but you can't speak to fellow patrons without buying credits. Those women that may well be there with sincere expectations probably lose faith as soon as they encounter the guys who got burned bad. I see now if you type in the website on your address bar its tagged as 'not secure' so you may well be exposed to some kind of credit card fraud.

I would love to hear your feedback.
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Gentlemen, based on everyone's comments. It looks like she was definitely dating 3 men at the same time, all of which we under the impression it was exclusive.

I haven't talked to Ira in a long time, but I want to thank you guys because this thread actually kept me from making I gigantic mistake in her direction. ;)

Regarding the website, it is crazy, there are lots of real ones there and unfortunately a whole shitload of professional daters that can ruin your experience.
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I too have been stung by this femme fatal. She is manipulative and very secretive. I find her letters to be either boardering on backwards or well put together. Hence why I became suspicious. I was meant to be meeting her last Christmas. I only saw her for a day. She excepted my gifts and then disappeared, saying she had to go away unexpectedly. I've paid for so many things. I've been a fool whose acted accordingly, FOOLISH.
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Well what can I say, it looks like we were taken for a ride. Tom, I was also told I was exclusive. It's the bullshit that gets me. They lie so smoothly and without any regard for anyone but themselves. I have believed a fantasy, ruined my marraige and probably any chance of communicating my sorrow to my former wife. Guys what are we thinking when we do this stuff. I really believed a 22 year old would find me attractive, clearly delusional as my daughter said. In fact Irina is younger than my daughter. I am seeking therapy, I acknowledge I need help to overcome this addiction and get my life in order.
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Hello Tom, Warren, Chris
Thank you for all your comments ... I was always suspicious but it lasted about 2,5 years, until I saw the proof.
@ Tom: it's interesting ... I can assure you, that I was at the Easter 2017 with her together. I am so sorry!!!
It seems that she dated about 5 men at the same time.
Irina and me were "together" from the September 2015 until August 2018. Who else was at the same time with her together?