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My dear , thank you a lot for sharing more about your life with me, it means to me more than you can imagine. I am eager to make everything clear between us. It is very good that we have a plan to follow now. I am for a hundred percent with you and will not change my mind about it. I am eager to see you and that is why I work trice harder than before. I definitely realize that we have to improve our communication and start talking by phone more and exchange more personal information here. I have to be honest with you... I simply do not have money to cover this part of expenses at the moment, but I am earning more money at the moment, which is going to allow me both: MAKING A COMFORTABLE MEETING for us and upgrading my DEVICES so that I could be in touch with you freely every day and more... I hope that you will not change your mind about me knowing that I faced a little bit of financial problems right now. It happened so because I sent solid amount of money to my parents, they needed to make preparations for winter at their place, that includes installing new warmth isolating windows. I could not let them stay cold one more winter, they are old. You see, my tablet is kindle fire, a pretty old model, this thing doesn't even have 3g Internet support and it only works with Wi Fi, sometimes I can not use my email at work, because the network is blocking social web sites, but I always try to get in touch with you as often as it is possible.

Sometimes it takes me longer to write you than before, but it is only because I am putting more efforts into building our future, I have work schedule to follow now and it will give me a chance to be with you. I will change my work for another one after our meeting, but at the moment I have to work really A LOT because I need a financial kickstart and I receive it from job. I am very serious about us and you motivate me. I will try to make some new photos for you during the next days. I also want to hear more news from you, OK? Don't forget to tell me everything. You can also write me through site, because I wait to hear from you there, when I can not access email.


Dear , I wish you a good start of the working week. It is almost noon here and I have been already working for four hours since early morning. How do you feel? I really miss you and can not get enough of you. I am so much eager to see you, feel you and touch you. It is so important for me to make it that I am ready to work more and I have more energy. I do not know what I can do to make you happier right now at this moment, but hopefully you feel that I really care and want to be your woman! I am eager to hear from you more and know what are you doing and thinking of daily now. How do you see us? Are you too upset with the fact that I faced some material hardships because of helping my relatives? It is sad that I can not see your face and reaction through letters at its fullest that is why I ask questions that might appear silly to you.

In general my mood is very good, because I finally have a chance to write you and read from you, which is important for me. I am eager to know how did you spend the weekend? As for my weekend, I was working on Saturday, but Sunday was free and I was working around the house - I did a big cleaning. I was thinking a lot about you lately. I have a suggestion to you. Let us make together some kind of a hobby. I am sure that we will dance with you and it is wonderful, but you know what? - I would like to make something together during some of our free times in future. I was thinking of making some kind of paintings together or maybe pottery. We can also go hiking together. Oh yes, hiking! Can you imagine it? I Can! For instance we can go to Carpathian mountains in future. The best time is spring or early summer, we are going on a highest mountain in Ukraine. It is called Hoverla, we are walking up slowly in shorts, boots and shirts admiring a marvellous view that changes a lot with each hundred meters that we go up. Hoverla is covered with forests.and marvellous lawns, places for camping and there are even places with tables and benches for a picnic. We are making a way towards one of the places for camping and set up our tent. It is getting late and we made a small fire next to the tent. We sit a look at the flames that are dancing. We discuss the places that we want to explore together and then you say that you would love to explore "one special place" right here you put your hand on my neck making hair fall back and kiss me tenderly which immediately brings the shivers down my spine. I kiss you back and we hug. The temperature is a bit lower on height than it is on the ground and your hugs are making me feel so warm, if not even hot. We continue to kiss and I tell you that I guess it is time to go inside the tent and close it to feel warm during sleep. You tell me: no worries darling, I'll manage to make us feel warm. We get inside and you lock the entrance to our tent. We can still see the silhouette of the flames that are dancing in the dark next to our tent. It feels so cozy with you inside of our little shelter. We are feeling so peaceful and relaxed. I feel such a deep gratitude for, for the fact that we are together and do all these things, I start hugging you again and we kiss getting more and more passionate with each kiss made. In the end I only realize being naked in your arms and with my arms and legs around you as we make love on height of almost one and half kilometers. You didn't lie and we felt hot all night sleeping together after making love inside. Next morning we wake up and make the rest of the way, around five hundred meters more to the top feeling as happy as we can be admiring the landscape, view and each other.

Oh I imagined this so real, do you like this fantasy, do you like where my thoughts go today? I hope that it puts a smile on your face, because it gave me enourmous pleasure writing this small idea about me and you. And financial difficulties will never change my attitude to you, dear. It is a little bit hard for me here right now, but I have you in my thoughts and it brightens my day. I hope that I will have the power to change this situation very soon. Maybe I would have to take a big working trip during some of the next days, that can increase my income a little. We will see and I will keep you updated. So tell me everything now.

I am forever yours