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Hiya ,

Hows it going with you this weekend ? I hope splendid! Sorry I couldn't reply
you during the week days ....Thanks for your message from the site
and compliments.
... My week days are always hectic and always looking forward to the weekend
when I could relax, sleep in and do some house chores ... Church and
charity on
Sunday .. I m doing great here in Barcelona Spain, studying a
Meteorology program
at Ge stair Academy. A professional course in meteorology. A kind of associates
degree, not a college. Though I'm originally from Norwich in the UK .....
Where are you from ? Italy ? I've always loved the country side than
the city ...
It brings a whole lot of peace, tranquility .... I like the sounds of
the wild animals far away in the woods and also the melodious lyrics of
the birds too ....

Here's a little bit about me: I have never been married but was
engaged once but it dint end well. Had to move on and never let the
past deter me from doing whatever i need to do and from being
successful in life and be with that special man in the nearest future.
To share perfect moments together, build a sweet relationship and
friendship full of love and affection,care and commitment. I do know
you are a bit older than I am, but i guess friendship or relationship
doesn't have to do with age or distance. What matters is the inner
mind of both parties and the desire to care about each other and be
there for each other no matter what.

I have always been so cautious after my last relationship and all I do
is concentrate solely on my course and have the best grades i can ever
get and be very independent as time goes on,but it hasn't been easy
being alone and not having any one to share each day with
intimately,sincerely and planning ahead in life. So many guys here in
Barcelona feels all what a lady want is the night clubs,expensive
shopping,jewelries,expensive trips to islands etc. Yes they are good
life,I do not dispute that, but my own idea of a good life is sharing
love and affection,togetherness,spending intimate and memorable
moments together. We all need a dear friend, companion, soul mate,
partner and a lover at some point in our lives ... I'm sure life is
for living and loving ... Its the only way to be happy ... Having
someone to care about and someone who makes life a better place to
live in ...

I was raised in a modest christian family and my own views about life
seem to be a bit different from a typical girl you'd meet. Kinda have
much morals than I needed, lol. I'd prefer hanging out in the
country, on the beach,lakes,streams and boat cruise instead of hanging
out in pubs,night clubs ,bars etc. I'm much more an introvert. A quiet
night at home cuddling in front of the fire place with a soft music in
the background playing and sharing a bottle of wine. Having a nice
home made dinner, laughing and sharing sweet moments together is my
ideal date. That's a hint! Smile.

Do we seem to have the same things in common regarding how we spend
our leisure time ? Though recently, I'm mostly busy with school works.
But I have always liked Travel, Candle Lit Dinner preferably home
made, Music Lover, Theater, Romantic Walks in the woods, Wine Tasting,
Picnics, Cooking/Barbecuing, Cottage Country, The Outdoors/Nature as
you like it too .... Does any of this appeal to you ?

How old are you ? Just to be double sure .. I'll attach some pictures
of me and I hope you do like them ... I'd like to see more pictures
of you .... What's your business/ Job all about ? Mine has to do with
Physics, waves and optics, Air modelling etc. A bit tedious I must say ...
I'm 33 years old ,lol. Though most of my mates do tell me I do not look my age,
but that's my age. How long have you been on the site ? I'm very new on the
site and hardly have time to get on the site due to the workload of
my course ...
It keeps me pretty busy most times ... Is there any particular
experience either
negative or positive, you'd like to share with me about the site ? I
bet you do receive
loads of messages from girls on the site. Hmm!

Do you chat on yahoo messenger or face book ? Or you are cool with
just email for now ? I'm a bit busy this morning chores and also working on the
treadmill ....I'm just taking the time off to reply your message ..
Do take care of
yourself and hope to read from you soon ... Hugs xxx

Your new friend,