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The scam will go on for as long as the guy is willing to continue sending money to help his "Russian princess" to get through her never-ending travel misadventure. The bait will keep the "flames of his love" alive by periodically chatting with him on the phone or sending him descriptions of "her" erotic fantasies.

In the end, he will be left financially exhausted, and " she" will continue to pretend like she is just one Western Union money transfer away for finally being able to meet her beloved.

The same scam works with single Western gay man. An adorable and lonely gay guy from Russia will be the main character of the same travel story, with very minor changes.
Comment #127491
yes i also get email for this girl she is a fake
Comment #127994
Do you enjoy what you do?
I work at the baby store (sending you the pic from work having fun). It is a good job,
because it is positive to see little people smiling when they got what they wanted.
But it is not very well-paid. If I could I would work in tourism, it is my dream.
What do you like to do at your free time?
I like to walk when the weather is fine . I always enjoy nature. I love picnics what about you?
When the weather is not very good I like to stay at home, cook wonderful dinner and watch good movie.
I like almost all types of films, comedies, detectives, thrillers, historycal and action.
For me it is important that film is with sence. And what about your taste in films and music?
I love music, for me it is something that can raise your mood. When I clean my flat I often put it loud
and try to dance :) it is more fun . So if we will ever live together )) I warned you :)
As for relationships I think I am a person very easy to live with.
I tend to say more Yes, then No , of course compromises are important.
I care about my man very much, I love when it is clean, cosy and smells delisios food at home.
In relationships I am tender kitten , but at the bed I turn in passionate panther dear ;)
I think it is important to be best friend for your lover, the harmony must be in your heart (love),
body(sex) and head (friendship).. Do you agree we must have it all?
Waiting for your letter ,
Comment #128032
Dice has six different numbers
The probability of a six is 1/6
The probability of getting a double six is 1/6 x1/ 6 = 1/36
The probability of getting the correct seven of 35 numbers in the lotto game is
1/35 x 1/34 x 1/33 x 1/32 x 1/31 x 1/30 x 1/29 = 1/33891580800
probability to contact with an honest Eastern European girl is less than to have seven right in lottery
Now you decide if it is rational to send money to these scammers after some hot e-mails and fake pictures.