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Hi , I am very glad to read your letter and I like your photo.

Thanks that has told to me a little about you and your life. It was interesting to read your message,
Your compliment was pleasant and I hope, what our acquaintance will grow only?

You seem the good person. I will tell truth, I live in other country, I from Russia!
I was registered that I live in other country because at me it was impossible to be registered
When I wrote that I live in Russia. Therefore I had to go on this small cunning!
Please, understand my an act correctly!! I understand, you are shocked now,
But I hope it not a problem for you and we will continue our acquaintance despite distance???

For me acquaintance through the Internet and the Internet dialogue this new.
You have told to me about work, a family, a hobby. It was interesting to read and learn about you.
I do not know as it will be better to begin our conversation, but I will try to tell a little about me in this letter.
I will tell to you fairly, I want to find love, care, respect, trust and honesty!
I search for the man for the joint future, for creation of a family and mutual love!
I search for serious relations for creation something important in my lives!

If I am interesting to you, we should give chance each other to learn whom each of us is.
I think, nobody knows, where and when it is possible to meet second half of heart.
The love can live in next apartment, the house, the next street, in other city or in other country.
It is possible! Really! Who can know and tell, what it not truth? Who?
I ask that you have given chance to it because it is really interesting to me!
, I understand that acquaintance to the man from other country, with other culture and mentality,
It will be not easy, but if the man respects, understands and trusts me his thoughts and his life,
That I promise to make all for the sake of him! If I love, I am ready to leave Russia and to live there,
Where there will be my a man!!! It my the decision, I long thought of it, but I am ready to take this step!
Probably, having read my words, you will think that I argue as the little girl,
But I really want to be happy and I dream of true love!!

Now, I want to tell to you a little about me. I do not have any problems with health!
I was born on June, 29th, 1986. I live in Russia in city Nizhniy Novgorod.
To me of 30 years, my growth 169 sm and I very optimistical woman and I trust in the best in people.
I consider that optimistical people live concern problems much easier and easier.
We easily endure difficult situations. If to pour waters in a glass on a half,
That I always consider that a glass on half full :)

I consider that the important points in any relations, it is mutual support, trust
And certainly honesty before each other! You agree? Only so it is possible to fall in love with each other.
In the past I loved, but have been deceived and betrayed, I do not want that it has again repeated!
It was very sick and difficult to me to endure treachery, but I have consulted!
Now, I am ready to love and be lovely only for the real man!!!!

How to you my English? I hope you understand that I write to you in my letters?
I know that I do many errors, but you should understand that it not my a native language
And I long did not practise. I did not speak for a long time in this language and I ask you not to judge strictly for errors.

I want to see your others a photo, please present it in the following letter.
Perhaps, I will finish this letter, but I hope that my the letter will be the beginning something especial,
Which will change our life. All depends on us. I will wait your new letter and a photo.

With the best regards, Olga.