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I hope you're great and you have the full form, to know that everything is okay on my side. I come by this message make you a brief summary of my life. I love reading, music, , the net, sport, animals, movies, walks, travel, restaurants with friends, love, family, nature and full of other thing again. I like children and I love taking care of them, children are the fruit of love, so reason why must all really do all that they lack nothing, I do not have the chance to have a child, but this would be a real pleasure for me to have at least one child in order to him to prove my role as a mother. I was well educated by my parents, and I think I have a lot of test to set up so that a child is right, so that a child is respectful and intelligent life. I hate lying, cheating, racism, brutality, war, disease, drugs, and all that is harmful to the individual. I am looking for friendship, trust and warmth in priority because for me the qualities of heart are essential. I'm ordained, but not manic. I don't like the mess but I like to keep things in their place. I am affectionate, very affectionate but not stuffy I'm not possessive just a big hint of jealousy, but not sickly and excessive jealousy. I am calm and posed, polite, discreet, very reserved, but when I have something to say, I say (live). I'm brave voluntary and non-violent I like the ride well, I'm quite naughty. I am an extreme patience (for example, I can sit and wait hours anywhere). I'm not vindictive, I let you spin the wheel, even if it takes a long time to turn, because I know that she'll one day or the other, and once I said what I had to say everything's finished. I'm loyal in friendship as in love I'm just and fair I hate that one gets the lowest (oppressed). I am able to lead the fight against injustice and racism. Love is based on trust, respect, understanding, waiting etc., without the love of children or without children attention nothing may well walk into a relationship has two. I work at Liancourt my workplace is not away from home, in principle it's a big trade wood, is to buy some wood (teak or mahogany), minimum size of 4.5 m for sawmills, my town, you're partnered with a single sawmill, ALLOIBOIS DE LIANCOURT, which manufactures wood hot and ash trees and Oaks for the manufacturing of various things I only do the import. I had the love of a family, even if human beings that cost me more money are no longer of this world, I have high and strong hope that they are really in good state the top to the closer to the spiritual father. My parents were not rich enough but at least could eat his fill, I've known happiness even though I had not often presents as children each Christmas, I don't envy someone I lived my life as I could and I understand my parents have always tall. I'm the only child of my parents, I did have the chance to have any brothers or sisters. My parents died when I was very small, since that time I didn't need to rely on that, whether I live my life as I can, I work days and nights in order to meet my own needs. I like to help, I like to share, I always gave and I have ever received for me, my uncles, my aunts all have me give up, I'm a little orphan who now want happiness, I want to have the chance to rebuild a family tribute to my parents. I want a family, a large family full of love and joy of living. I am alone today, but who says that tomorrow I can't have a perfect soulmate for me, I never did hurt someone, and if I'm all alone today I put this in the hands of God, I don't want to anyone, all I want is to be happy with that I would meet. My life is full of misfortune since the death of my parents but I hope this will end soon, I work hard it brings me little, but it also allows me to not beg. I'm proud, really proud of myself and I know what that cost I could achieve my goals. I hope life, and I have a liver, I'm sure I'd be happy with a man. I don't ask the Earth or heaven, I just that confidence can have a big effect on our conservation, wouldn't you doubt me just a second, I want you to be my God, I really want to love you if I could.
I would really do my best so that you're not disappointed, I care strongly about you, I gave you my trust, is it you please do not disappoint me. You also know my secret garden now, if you have other question does not exist in the posed.

Cordially Sabrina