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big tits is a red flag boris is at work
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seems to have got my email via Trip Together and sent unsolicited email the same as below
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I am glad to say you hello again! How are you doing today?
Thank you for this e-mail! I appreciate that you took time to write me! It is cool that we both want to find love. Love is one of the most important things in the world, and I would like to make our relationship strong, so we can survive all of the difficult times! I think it is great that from the beginning we have a lot of things in common. Don’t you think so? And first of all we have same goal and wish!
You are interesting person! I like your healthy life style. Unfortunately I have no Skype, so we can share everything in e-mails before meeting! I want to know you more and more! I guess you would like to know some from my life too.
My work is simple – I am seller in a flower shop. I like to see when people give joy to each other and I am glad to help in this! Flowers are joy and romance always! You know, yesterday in our shop came little boy with a jar of coins. He said it is his money box and he need flowers for mom )) It was so touching! We counted the coins for a long time and that was enough for bouquet from chamomile. I can imagine how mom of that boy was happy!
do you like present flowers for your woman? Are you romantic at all?
My favorite season of the year is summer! Of course every season is unique! But I so much like beach and everything about water – sea, river, lake! Everything where I can swim and relax ))) I have never been abroad and my dream is to see those blue-blue water and white sand that show on TV in traveling programs ))))
Do you like traveling? Where have you been already? Would be nice to travel together ))) Don’t you think so?
Well, what more… Maybe I can add I like to cook also! Delicious dinner will always wait for you! ))) Have you ever tried Ukrainian dishes? What is your favorite food at all?
Ok, enough for today. I am writing form work and it is time to work )))
I hope you will answer me soon! I cannot wait to know more about you! I would like to see your photos also.
May your day will be full of joy!
Kiss from Katy
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i got the same email below
Comment #128041
Dice has six different numbers
The probability of a six is 1/6
The probability of getting a double six is 1/6 x1/ 6 = 1/36
The probability of getting the correct seven of 35 numbers in the lotto game is
1/35 x 1/34 x 1/33 x 1/32 x 1/31 x 1/30 x 1/29 = 1/33891580800
probability to contact with an honest Eastern European girl is less than to have seven right in lottery
Now you decide if it is rational to send money to these scammers after some hot e-mails and fake pictures.