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Hi. How are you doing? I am glad that I write you a letter again.
So our acquaintance goes on and I should probably continue my story about yourself. In the past, a lot of my letter, I wrote to you about my work, about my new life, but about my interests, about what I like and do not like about my hobbies, I did not write to you. So I continue my story started on this.
Maybe you feel strange, but my hobby - it's karaoke. Even my friends sometimes make fun of me because of this hobby, but what can I do if I love to sing. I believe that I have a beautiful voice. From childhood I like music and I often listen to music in my free time, and of course the song genre is almost always depends on my mood. For example, my favorite song: "Yeah!" Usher, "I just Wanna Live" Good Charlotte, "Hotel" R.Kelly feat Cassidy,
Like the lyrics: "My immortal" Evanescence, "Ghetto gospel" 2pac feat Elton John,
It makes you want to dance: "The World is mine" David Guetta, "Get busy" Sean Paul,
It makes you laugh: "American Idiot" Green Day, "Calma e sanguefreddo" Luca Dirisio, "For real" Athena,
Makes you wonder about life: "Raise & Fall" Craig David feat. Sting, "Breakaway" Kelly Clarkson,
Makes you cry: "Here Without You" 3 Doors Down, "Tonight and the rest of my life" Nina Gordon, "I Bruise Easily" Natasha Bedingfield,
Reminiscent of my life in Slovenia: "My Oh My" Ace Of Base, "Turn Back Time" Aqua,
Uplifting: "Boonika Bate "Hotel" R.Kelly feat Cassidy,
Never get bored: "Behind These Hazel Eyes", "Since u've been gone" Kelly Clarkson ...
About the music I write a lot, but I'm afraid that this letter is long. So I have to finish the music, and I hope you now know what kind of music I listen to most often.
The fact that I love and that I do not like in this life I just can not write you a lot. Like all women, I love flowers. I like to spend time in the kitchen, experimenting on recipes. I want to find a recipe that is not yet known to mankind. I do not know that I will, but I'm already in the process of completing. I have a dish that I invented myself. I named this dish "Love and hate". It was very tasty and can be had or whether I have to cook this dish for you. Sorry, but the recipe is to tell you I can not. This is my secret.
Besides that I love in this life I can also add that I love to chat; I like to meet new people; I like the sun; like the sky; I love summer, the beach, the sea; I love to travel and learn about other cultures; I like when people are treated with understanding and respect to me.
I do not like when you do not finish the case; I do not like the mess in the house; I do not like to drink beer; I do not like smoking; I do not like rain; I do not like bullying; I do not like not understanding; I do not like lies and of course I do not like stealth in man.
What else can I write, I wish pleasant dreams and good night. I send my affectionate kiss for you.
I'll wait for your letter, and as I look forward to your photos.

Sincerely, Sophie.
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Hello my dear friend. I have a very good mood today. My day today was good and now I want to share with my mood with you.
I want you also cheer up. Tomorrow I will go to the city of Utrecht, a city in Holland. I will conclude a new agreement for the short trip.
This trip will take several days. Now the details, I will not tell you, I'm afraid to frighten away your luck. But after signing the contract,
I'll write it. According to my plans after this trip I'll have free time for yourself.
I can go to their homeland in Budapest, and most importantly, I will be able to come to visit you for a few days. These are my good news.
Now I want to touch on another subject. I now have in mind the theme of my search for males.
Here already is the third decade of my life, and I'm still not married. At first, I thought about it a little, but now I'm more worried about this.
I do not want to remain a single woman for life, and so I want to confess to you now that I look for a serious relationship.
If you say about the man of my dreams, then I most interested in it his inner world. I do not look rich, beautiful blonde with a villa by the sea.
Wealth is not important to me. For me more important to you in such qualities as diligence, kindness, sincerity, ability to respect the opinion of others, understanding, compassion, and of course love.
Maybe my search fantastic, but I believe that there is such a man in this world. I do not reject the idea that you can be that man,
because I feel that you are a good man. For some, you are a good friend, a dutiful son for parents can be for me in the future
You can be a caring husband?
No, I am not writing to you now that I insist be your wife. I'm now absolutely do not know much about you,
Now I want to have a good, true friend, but I do not reject the idea,
that maybe you are the man I was looking for all my life. Here are my thoughts about you and my expectations about our meeting.
Perhaps this fabulous dream, but no matter how it was possible to our personal meeting will help us to understand each other better.
Now, first of all, I want to have a true friend, because I have no one on this earth, I do not want to be alone, I want to know that I have a loved one.
By the way, I promise you that after my trip I will contact you by phone. I want to hear your voice and I think that you too will be pleased to hear my voice.
And of course, we can talk on the phone often.
Gently kiss you.
Write to me soon.
Comment #127262
Address - Russia, Moscow, Sokolniki District, Barbolina Street 4
name - Kristina. surname - Erkina
I ask to make a transfer via Western Union or MoneyGram. Through Western Union or MoneyGram I will get your money very soon. I myself will go to the bank together with Kristina and soon the money will be in my arms.
I'll be waiting for your response and hope that you will help me in this difficult moment of my life.

I hope you and very very much miss you.
Your Sophie.
Comment #127264
name - Kristina. surname - Erkina Is deceptive name - Kristina. surname - ErkinaIs deceptive name - Kristina. surname - Erkina
Is deceptive name - Kristina. surname - ErkinaIs deceptive name - Kristina. surname - Erkina
Comment #127330
she send papers fro policy saying that she whose robbed ask king me for 500 euros.