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Ohh hello-hello my friend :)) i hope you don't mind that i call
you as a friend?) as i really hope that with time we can be friends
and even more..but we will see what future will bring us)so i will
start with the main question just as beginning-how are you?:) i hope
everything is all right?)As for me i am ok and let me to say you hi
also from my baby Anya:)you see her on the photo)

Ohh now you know almost all my family members)except me) So, my name
is Elena, i am 34 years old and i am from Ukraine. I think you heard a
lot about Ukraine for the last time..:( right? i mean all the
problems, so i want you to know that that problems touched my heart
soul and my family very much..actually all my life i lived in Donetsk,
but now i live in Chugyev(Kharkov region) i think you heard that
Donetsk and Lugansk regions are in i was in hurry to ran away
from my city, leaving everything there...a flat..clothes.. i took only
necessary it happens that i took little clothes for me and
my daughter and ran away here... I am the refugee here..and my baby
too..thanks God the world has kind people..and one old granny took us
from the railway station to her house for minimal price..uff if you
know how much i heard here myself from people and my daughter
too...many of them even don't want to speak when they know that i am
from Donetsk, some kids call my Anya as Russian terrorist as she
speaks Russian and because we are from Donetsk:( also they don't want
to take for a work..(by education i am the book keeper) but now i work
in the little market and sell goods. .you know..i will never wish to
any enemy to be in such situation..when suddenly you have nothing and
have to think with what to feed my daughter... Oh, telling about my
treasure she is 3 years old, her name is Anya as I said but in cute it
is Anechka) she is my happiness))) a very good little lady i may say)
i hope one day you will have a chance to know her better)she has seen
her dad till half of 1 year,i don't know if she remembering all
terrible days when he came home deadly drunk and started to beat me
and wanted to kill her..i tried to use medicines and doctors to make
him stop to drink but it didn't i have got a divorce...such a

It is my main wish-to be happy, to love and be loved, i want a man - a
real normal man..kind, honest, cheerful, who love kids, who can
listen, who is not violent and treats his lady minimum like a princess
for himself, who values family traditions who just want also like me
to love and be loved!do i ask much? i think no. Ohh my God seems i
can't stop to speak to you!!:)))i hope you are not sleeping now?)))i
am sorry but seems i just want to tell you so many things)))that can't
stop) i wish to hear your comments to what i wrote and of course i
will be happy to know all about you, like family, work, interests etc.
and i hope soon to get your letter?:)

For the moment i wish you to have a good day or night) will depend
what time you read it:) let me kiss you) muuah!Elena and Anya.
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she tried to trick me too, lucky I was not caught