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Comment #127085
Thanks for your letter.
Thanks for your photo, very much were pleasant to me.
I am glad, that you have answered me.
Nice to meet you.
I do not know, how you have appeared in my adress book.
Probably it is fortuity.
Or is possible we were familiar.
I do not remember.
I think, that now it is not important, if you have become interested in me.
You can see my photos.
We can get acquainted more close if I like you.
I from Ukraine, but now I live in Russia.
I work as the nurse in hospital.
I lonely.
I yet have not found the man.
There are many different reasons.
I can tell all reasons if it is interesting to you to get acquainted with me.
I also will tell, why I have left the country.
I can tell about myself much.
But I wait, that you will show interest to me.
But if it is not interesting to you, do not answer my letter.
I do not wish to answer letters which have no sense and the content.
I also will be glad to see your photos.
I am real girl.
I hope, you are not frightened by my curiosity.
My growth: 168 centimetres.
My weight: 55 kgs.
My age: 35 years.
I move on work much, and I love sports.
I like walks outside.
I love fresh air.
I like the quiet music.
I like fantastic films.
I like to looking beautifully.
Please, do not hesitate.
Tell about itself to begin conversation.
It is possible to tell a lot interesting about each other.
I think, that the conversation can be very interesting.
I can speak in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian language.
I studied German and English at school.
Excuse for mistakes in grammar.
I hope, you can understand me.
I have my photos for you.
Please, write about itself.
Write about you hobbies.
I wait your answer.
Comment #128043
Dice has six different numbers
The probability of a six is 1/6
The probability of getting a double six is 1/6 x1/ 6 = 1/36
The probability of getting the correct seven of 35 numbers in the lotto game is
1/35 x 1/34 x 1/33 x 1/32 x 1/31 x 1/30 x 1/29 = 1/33891580800
probability to contact with an honest Eastern European girl is less than to have seven right in lottery
Now you decide if it is rational to send money to these scammers after some hot e-mails and fake pictures.