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Good afternoon ! Or the night !!! I'm glad to receive your
letter! glad that you did not leave me no attention. Sorry for late
answer. I had problems with the internet. Thank you for the photo!
You're cute! I like your hobby! And passion! I also love the flowers
and nature in general! I like that you do not smoke and do not drink
alcohol! It's important for me!! I do not smoke and do not drink
alcohol! I know you might be interested to know about me. After the
first exposure is always intriguing, is not it? I went to the paid
dating agency "miranda", to find an acquaintance on the Internet. I
would like to tell a little about yourself. In what language you're
comfortable to talk? My name is Larisa. You did not forget? Ha - ha!
(I'm smiling). You can call me Lara. So call me friends. I have 30
full years. I'm not married. Children are not. But now is not about
that. I was born and live in Ukraine in the city of Slavyansk. I think
you heard about this city? in connection with the military situation
in Ukraine, many residents had to move to Russia. Russia extended a
helping hand, and for many refugees have provided accommodation to
Some towns and villages !!! If it were not Russian, I do not know how
there was my destiny! I live for 9 months in Russia. Now I live in a
small town "Volzhsk." This is far from the city of Kazan. You know
this city? I was in this city that took a job. In truth, I have no
experience of communication and dating online. I rarely use the
computer, but of course also as a modern man is still trying to learn
the Internet. All the same, the 21st century! (Ha - ha). I first
decided to learn this way, and so do not know what to say in such
cases. Hope for understanding. And you? Have you been looking for a
soul mate? So I heard about that on the Internet there are all kinds
of liars. But I hope we do not have to lie to each other. Do you agree
? Therefore, I ask, to begin our dialogue with the understanding and
revelation. Yes, now we are far from each other and can present itself
in different ways. But I also want to tell you that I am an open
person and I find it easier to communicate with the person, when he is
to me. And we're already familiar with! I'm even a little shy. But I'm
curious to find out about you. Here, I live alone, I rent a room from
a nice woman. "Volzhsk" - a small town. There is very beautiful nature
and fresh air! Near the river Volga. I do not know much terrain. I was
very interested to learn more, so I can not tell you tell a lot about
Russia. When I arrived in Russia, I immediately went to job search. I
worked in a beauty salon before, "barber". But finding work in their
fields in this city, I could not. Later he settled in a cafe waitress.
Of course I was hard at first. It was not easy, but I overcome all
difficulties. I am hardworking and goal-oriented person. Now I'm
working administrator of this cafe. In the future I want to open their
own cafe. I already have business plan in mind. ha - ha! ( I'm smiling
). And to begin with I want to find a man who will love me this way I
am! Maybe you are my destiny? Ha-ha (I smile). I'm not saying that I
love you! It seems easy and naive. I would like to get to know you
better. But I'm glad our fellowship. Let's see what happens. After
all, we will have time to stay friends forever. I will be harvesting
would your letter. If you have the opportunity to share with me their
photos. I'll be happy. Larisa.