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Hi, !

You look just great! It seems to natural to me to hear from you, it's like a deja vu! You know such a feeling? Like you have experienced this already! Wow! Maybe we've met in previous life already?)))Well, O.K., lets go from here;-) To tell you more about me and my life, i need to tell you about sports because it's closely connected with my life. I'm really feeling good and alive when I'm doing sports. I like to exercise and to keep fit and it's important for me. I like to be in a good physical shape and my physical strength helps me to be strong mentally too. Like people say, there is a healthy mind in a healthy body. Sport always help me when I'm sad or in a bad mood, or angry, I just train and it's getting better) I've been always doing some sports, as long as I remember myself. And then I've just decided to devote my life to what I like and enjoy doing) After school, I've been trying to choose a necessary occupation, needed and demanded and it should be connected with sports. So, I did and graduated from the University with the diploma in Physical Rehabilitation. Now I work at the fitness center as a fitness coach in Sneznoe. Sneznoe is my native town and I was born here. So, I have an interesting and active life. I have my students, I do really love them and enjoy teaching. My students like sports as rule, if not, I make them to like it at least a little bit and try to focus their attention on healthy way of life. And it's very interesting to work with people, they bring many positive emotions into my work. As for me, I'm a bit obsessed with a healthy life style, I do not drink or smoke and as a rule eat only healthy food. But healthy doesn't mean non-tasty, so do not worry, I can cook and can do this very good. I only think that it is not good to eat too much of fat or sugar and it's not good at all when it is too much something, yes? So, in order that my letter is not too much, I think I'll stop here and wait for what you say;-)
Will be waiting,
P.S. If you like, you can call me on the phone;-) I'm so intrigued to hear your voice!
My number is +3 8 066 52 76 595. This is my Viber too.