Scammer Ekaterina Nikiforova Vladimirovna Ekaterina

Nikiforova Vladimirovna
+7 960 099 6034
Moskow, Wolgograd
Moskow, Wolgograd; Russia
Moscow 119361, Ul. Ozernaya House 35 App. 61 (Olga Gribatsch, 2nd name)

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Comment #127062
Ekaterina wrote the first letter by E-mail to me.
She want to get an honest man to life together.
After some days emailing and talking by phone, she asked me if she can visit me for 1 month. Therefore she needs 450 Euro for the flight. After some discussion, she told me, that she got additional 100 Euro. So she need only 350 Euro.
She gave me all needed data (including Bank account)
Account: AO «ALFA-BANK», 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078,
Acc. No.:408179782080XXXXXXXX (No. is known by me, but i dont want to post the complete Number yet)
I send the money, but it came back, because the bank could not read the formular correctly.
I lost 100 Euro by bank fees.
I asked her, who gave her my E-mail adress. She told me, she got it from (now:
This was the first lie, because i never have been there registered.
After this i checket her fotos, that I got from her (about 70 fotos) with
And I found a 2nd Account of her:
Olga Gribatsch, living in Wolgograd. Including more than 200 photos. Some are the same that I got from Ekaterina, but all are showing the same woman.
Website of Olga:

I dont know, if Ekaterina has stolen the photos from Olga, or if both are one person.
I have reported the facts aand hope, they will find out something.

The complete coversation with Ekaterina is saved by me. All photos of Ekaterina and Olga too.

With Olga i did not have any contact. I send her a question of friendship, but until now no reply.
Comment #127122
Last facts about Ekaterina and Olga:
No further conversation with Ekaterina, Olga had cancelled her account at
Her last post:
Тайное мировое правительство, иллюминаты и сионисты охотятся за моими личными данными. Я ухожу в подполье.
The secret world government, the Illuminati and Zionists are after my personal data. I'm going in the underground.

So one more scammer scammer successfull fought.
One Scammer less on the Internet.
Comment #128064
She is a scamm.I know her