28 / OCTOBER 25
Katerinovka, Luhansk region, Odessa

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Inna sent me a message on INTERNATIONAL CUPID just last week. She said she liked my profile and would like to know me better. She asked for a email address so I gave her my junk mail address and so far she has written to me twice. It has not got to the point where she has asked for money yet but it should be coming real soon.
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This is her first email to me Sept 1st 2016

Hello Tony!

I hоpe that you hаve a nice day, and I hope thаt my letter makes it a
little special! First I want to thank you exchanging email with me! I
will be glad to knоw you better. I hоpe you remember me? My name is
Inna, I'm swееt blonde girl, sweet as caramel :)

Maybe we can start something special? :) We both can be truly happy! I
want to find a mаn of my drеam, and take care of him аs a sensual
woman. But I can amuse and inspire him, as a passionate girl, and I
cаn be cheeky and playful :)

I want to start cоmmunicating with you, and who knоws where it will
lead us? I want to try. After аll, you never know will yоu win or
lоse, if you don't try. Do yоu agree with me?

I will be happy to receive yоur letter!

Sincerely, Inna
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This was her 2nd email to me Sept 3rd 2016

hello,Tony !!!

I am happy to hear from you!!! It was nice to meet you and got your
nice pictures,I liked them...I must say you are very good-looking and
nice man!!!Now...inner world,Yes I want to know your little inner
world,will you share it with me???It will be very nice sweetheart!!!I
want to know you and I know it is going to be very nice!!!i am happy
you liked my pictures,it was so nice to know that!!!How is your life
going???I hope it is great!!!Our life is really wonderful and nice
because we can communicate with someone we don't know yet but at the
same time....we can know that and get to know a new culture and the
most important to know what are we looking for...may be we can find
our true love...Do you agree with that????i am happy you are ready to
try because we are nothing to lose,we can find out about each other
before we will meet...Its great I think...It was so nice to know some
information about yourself!!!i was happy you like to cook...may be you
will cook something for me one day!!!Of course you may not tell
everything in one letter...leave it for the next one...

So it is my turn to tell about myself :) I have the whole land inside
of me, an amazing world of dreams and an enormous burst of love magic!
But I have the world around me too :) I'm 28 year old. I was born on
October 25, in Katerinovka. It is in the east of Ukraine, Luhansk
region. As I think, it was a beautiful summer day :) I love summer because
it is a hot season...All people like to go to the seaside,sunbathe on the beach and
enjoy of the sun.What about you ????do you like summer???what is your favorite
I think it is the best season of the year!

As a child I liked to dance.I participated in different competitions.
My childhood was full of different pleasant emotions which i shared with
my family.I still like dancing..What about you???Also,I was fond of gymnastics.
I have been doing it for about seven years. But I was not gone to the big sport.
Also I loved psychology. And then I found out, I started doing to yoga :)Lately,I go
for sport such as swimming,tennis and gym...I like to keep fit my body.
I try to be in a good shape)))))

Oh, there is one more thing I want to tell you, Tony! I will be
communicating with you using Internet cafe because at home i dont have
an Internet connection.After the War all companies stopped working
because all equipment were spoiled...We even have a big problems with
phone connection... Actually life really different here for
now.Salaries are very small.Price for food is rather expensive and
place for entertainments are closed.Just some of them still work. Life
is completely different but most of people still live here because
house in which we live is the best because we were born here...I think
you understand this feeling... Am i right??? Of course i could change
my life and move to another country if i could meet my second half!

Well,I will stop my letter for now and will be waiting for your reply,


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Original contact message she sent to me on International Cupid

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hello!what a nice man ))))I am so happy)))
you are so good-looking and nice man.i will be very glad to
get to know you better)))drop me your e-mail
adress so we could comminicate directly to each other.