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Hello, !
I was so happy when I got a letter from you, thank you !!! :)
I'm curious to see your life, all you'll tell me about your life, I'm going to read it very carefully and fold like a puzzle in my head :)
I understand you, do not worry because your language
I do not know very good language still sometimes I make mistakes.
I like your age, and I do not think it's too big age difference, because it does not matter. How long do you live in Italy?
Oh, yes, I understand that not all women can be beautiful, most often it is the gain of women.
I like your description and it's great that you lead an active life, I am sure that we will be able to make friends with you. My dear, I do that there are some problems with communicating in another format, ie Watts up, but I'm sure that soon I will be able to fix this error ...
I really like your picture, if you model photography)
I would like to share with you my world view. Maybe you will be interested in how I understand life, by the way, I would also like to know what is life for you.
I begin ... first of all, I feel great gratitude for all that is in my life, for every day, every minute, is not only fun, but I'm also grateful for all the bad situations that have occurred in my life, because this is my experience. Life is full of situations, emotions, good or bad people, the most important thing to be able to survive in these conditions. But I want to say that a person is able to choose life, and this is an excellent opportunity to be happy, do you agree with me? People can do everything and need only have the desire. If you want to be happy, then you need to do something about this and strongly desire.
You know, for me there is clearly an ideal type of men, because I tend to choose this option and heart I really like :) But really, I'd like to see next kind, sympathetic, cheerful and intelligent man, honest, morally strong, perhaps, are the main qualities in a man for me.
I want to have a serious relationship because I feel like I'm ready for it already, but I have not met a more special man in my environment, because men often want sex without responsibility, so they like to just enjoy the women, but I do not I want to use. I have never been married and have no children of my relationships have ended long ago and I would not want to talk about it, but now I'm completely open to the love and hope that in doing so, we look to you :)
My dear, I want to hear your voice, you could not call today? Here's
my number: +380 99 748 31 70 .
Sincerely .
I'll wait for your answer.