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Hello, my dear !!! I like your name so much!!!:) Very sexy...

It is very pleasant to receive a letter from you today!! I am glad you
have answered my previous letter!! I will write you more a lot and
also send a lot of photos if you do not mind:))) I am happy to start
establishing our contact! May be it will be the beginning of something
serious and life long??? Who knows... So we should try, are you agree,
??? I like your photo very much by the way!!! When did you
make it??? Send me more ok??? Please tell me more about yourself!! How
is life in Italy going???? Tell me more about it! Darling, I live in
the war zone and we do not have normal life conditions here, the Skype
system is blocked here by the Russian separatists just like mobile,
whatsup and a lot of Internet sites and social networks:((

So as you know my name is Ksenia! I have a nice family: my precious
mother and younger brother Philip!! We call him Philipok:)) He is 12
years old! We live without a father, he left as 10 years ago for
another woman, he lives far away in another region and almost never
calls us:(( But it was his choice. We are a very united family and my
mommy has a kind heart and golden hands!! I also have two cousin
sisters, I will send you their photos! And one of my cousin sister has
a small daughter Katia, who is my favorite niece and also a God
daughter! I spend a lot of time with her and like to play with her a
lot! And another cousin sister of mine has a son, he is the same age
as Philipok:)) We all are very close! My Birth date is 15.09.1988, I
am a Virgo and it is a very loving and hard working sign!!!:))

Also my granny taught me cooking from my childhood and I worked as a
cook at the local school in Shterovka before getting a job under my
speciality. I am a teacher of mathematic by education and I work at a
school, but I do not work as a teacher, I work with kids after their
lessons, I teach music and painting. It is the only work I can get
here in my village now. There is no other work for me:(( But I like my
job very much and I adore kids!

My village is very beautiful even now after the war which took place
here:( I live not far from the border with Ukraine where a lot of
soldiers stays from the both sides, it was horrible here during the
war in 2014-2015:((( Now we have a cease fire but because I live not
far from the border I hear the bombings and cannonade almost every
day:((( I am afraid that the war can start again at any moment:((

My life motto is eat at pleasure, drink at measure and enjoy life as
it is!! Hope you like it:))) I have different hobbies such as reading,
cooking, jogging, swimming in summer and also cycling! I am a very
active person!!! I am sure you are active too??:)

As you have noticed already I write you this letter in English:) But
it is not my own English unfortunately. I write this letter from the
translational service. But I don't intend to stay without English
speaking skills any more and I plan to start learning it soon!!! I
understand it will be very important for me to speak English if I will
decide to relocate abroad for marriage. May be to you, who knows:)) I
am ready to relocate for marriage!!! I only need to find the right

I think I have to finish my letter for today. I can only wait for your
answer now! Hope you will not make me wait for too long as I am eager
to get to know you better:)) Kiss kiss!!! Ksenia from Donbass with
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too good to be true a pro' model photos
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Her full  name is Ksenia Totovitskaya, address is
94548,  Ukraine, Luhansk region, Shterovka village, Shelkovogo street,
67. This is what she email after asking for money thank to.this website u saves me alot of money.....
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ok so another money scammer.glad i image search all received pics, pretty sad actually