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Hello my dear love xxx,

Do you believe in this nonsense ??? It turns out that because of my
former men you left me ???

I really miss you, and my body is waiting to meet you. I often think
about you. About the time that we spend together. I can imagine how
you gently touch me and kiss, and my body responds to your affection.
I'm waiting for the moment when you razdenesh me slowly and you put on
the bed. I would very much like to kiss you, your shoulders, chest, I
want to kiss you all. I'm very bad one, I dream of the day when we
unite. Probably, if I had not met you, I would have gone mad from
loneliness. I have many friends here, but there is such a man, whom I
would like to belong. I really miss you. Write to me. I'm waiting for
the day when we will be together. Kiss.

Your Irina.
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She had been writing to me for the last 2.5 months from 22/08/16 until 10/11/16, Her new email address is: Lives in Kotlas. According to her travel itinerary from the travel agency in Kotlas her surname is
NECHAEVA and is suppose to be married! Had written to be stating she had never married or had children nor had a current boyfriend. Found it difficult to meet a decent Russian man and was searching for the right man outside her country. She had also told me she was a dental surgeon. She also won't skype or has internet at home and has to use internet at work to send private emails , where she has limited access to. After two months writing to me she wanted to meet and insisted she arranged fly to my home country in New Zealand. I said for us to wait until the xmas holidays when I would have time off but she advised she had to take her leave now and book her holidays. After making up a story of having to go to Moscow to get her visa and paying the expense of travelling and staying there, she then came back to Kotlas to book her flights. She then arranged the earliest flight possible, getting a very expensive fare because of this and discovered she doesn't have enough money for the airfares, only a small deposit. She then wanted me to fund her air fares. I tell her no, come to NZ and then we will talk about me helping her with the cost of airfares. But she has no more money. Pawn of her heirlooms to get funds for the deposit and now needs my urgent assistance with paying her tickets. She gives me less than a week to pay money to her so she can buy her tickets.
I asked for proof of the travel agent's quote or invoice and eventually got it or rather a typed up travel itinerary with no company logo and address details. But the itinerary only was showing one way to NZ. I challenge her on this and also wanted to know the bank account details of the travel agent, if I was to pay for her fares the payment would need to go in to their account. Irina came back stating payment had to be cash and paid to her. I then google her email address and came to this site and found out she is a scam. Needless I told her where to get off and not paid a cent. She may also try and phone you if she knows you are convince or refusing to pay her money. She will phone you from a pay phone box. Phoned me twice and left me messages. She will deny that she is trying to scam you when you challenge her on getting money from you before meeting. Don't believe anything she tells you
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Yes be careful of this female. After long period of communication and advising her of proper procedure to get VISA etc she still created a story of going thru a agent. Finally she tells me one way fare which was twice as return fare. And then she demand money. Well I ha no choice but to kick her on her back and expose her. Even a good prostitute does not behave the way Irina behaved. She will be punished one day no doubt. I have informed my offices to debar her from entering India as she does not deserve any seat in society.
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She gets around
Comment #151306
Confirmed scammer. Now she says she is a doctor but books a flight and is short funds with the travel agency. Same old scammer she is very active... she is currently using the name Svetlana. Never told me her last name. is my address