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Hello ! How is your mood?
I apologize for the delay in my reply!
I hope I did not make you wait long for my answer to your e-mail.
I'm sure we will be able to find enough common themes for our acquaintance with each other, and further communication! What would you say about that ?
I think you can make me the impression after I tell you about myself! Ready?
My name is Irina from Tomsk and I'm 38 years old. My birthday is September 11, and I'm a virgin zodiac sign, but who are you? I hope I'm not too curious and do not put you in an uncomfortable position, I just want to know you as best as possible, if you do not mind, tell me about it right away! I do not want any misunderstanding between us, mind you! What is your height?
My height is 170 cm and a weight of about 48 kilograms, I have enough athletic build, because I try to keep the body in shape in a healthy body, healthy mind, right? It is a pity that I did not get to spend more time out of the sport because of my work schedule, but there's nothing to do about it ..
I speak two languages, such as English and German, but I will use an interpreter that we had a full understanding of each other, you do not have a problem with that? I hope not !
In the past, I have finished Tomsk State University of Civil Engineering in the year 20011, and came out with the first higher education. And who are you by education? I always dreamed of a European education, but there was no concrete ideas on what faculty do. Some time later I received an offer from the Paris School of Culinary Arts le cordon bleu. Have you ever heard of her?
I could not miss this opportunity because it is a good opportunity to gain knowledge of the culinary skill of leading chefs from around the world. In addition, it is also an opportunity to live in France for training. I received a diploma in the class teacher of culinary arts in Paris in 2013.
After that, I started teaching in his hometown of culinary arts and made the right decision in this matter. My cooking classes are of interest as the residents of our city and the surrounding towns. This case brings to me, though not big but regular income, the more I do my favorite thing!
What do you do you? Please tell me more about it! You've got a big family? I have two parents mother and father, as a sister is younger than me for 8 years. My father was a carpenter and is engaged in manufacturing wrought iron as well as the cutting of trees of different utensils for the house! My mother has been home life, she has never worked since my father took a job for themselves, leaving the mother housework housewife!
Last year, I got my own apartment in the residential area of ​​the city of Tomsk, but now I live with my parents since my repairs dragged on for some time .. About two years ago I ended a relationship with a man and is now alone. Past relationships made me a long time to be careful with men, and for that reason I'm still alone. I am very sensitive to the feelings because this can not be in a hurry.
Because of my work I do not have time to learn, especially with my attitude to this. According to this, a few weeks ago I decided to learn about dating online, before that I did not when I did not use social media, and I thought it a good idea to meet someone in the network space and with time to know a person communicating with him .I will be glad that this person you will become, so I look forward to your reciprocity!
Perhaps you would like to share the pages of social networks, but I do not have such an opportunity because I'm not good at the computer! But I will think of something, what do you say about this?
It's time to finish this letter, I think I will send you some of my pictures and hope to receive your in return! Please tell me about yourself in detail what I would have been able to introduce you! On this I finish, I hope will interest you and we will have further communication! I have to go to a cooking course, I'll wait for your answer tomorrow!
Sincerely, your new girlfriend Irina from Tomsk!
Bye Bye !