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Hello dear !!!
Thank you for your letter.
My dear,want to tell you that there is no
competition between you and anybody else.For now I correspond only with you.I
really have received a lot of letters on my profile,though most of them were
not interesting and I didn't reply them.I choose only you!
So I correspond only with you now.And,speaking
,I don't want to correspond with anybody else now.It's my true
intention to become real close to you and be your soulmate and I don't think
it will be honestly if I would correspond with somebody else,besides you.
I want to say more about myself:
I adore to learn something new.I like to travel,to see new places,to
learn about new cultures and new mentalities.
I like to cook and surprise my friends and relatives.By the way like to make surprises.
I can say about myself,that I'm kind,tender and honest.I don't like when
somebody lie to me.In relationship I prefer to be open.
Also,sex is very important to in my life!!!
What I searching in you:
First of all I want to see non-egoistic,independent in all branches and meanings of this word.
My man should respect me and my wishes an understand me whatever in this life
can happen.From my side,as an understanding person,I will give the same and
even more,but only I will see real interest and care to myself.
I would like to find a man who would became my love,who could teach me
how to make love and see the World with happy eyes.I'm ready to present my
love to the most tender,loving,reliable,honest and open hearted man,who can
overcome any difficulty in life.
I think you understand me and I supposed that all people on the Earth
who want to be happy think the same.
Will you please share with me your thoughts,wishes and dreams in next
letters?I will be very glad to get a letter from you.
Please,tell me more about you and your country,place and cultures.It
helps me to imagine your life and to think more clear about our future.It
will be great to meet you in person but nowadays only our letters help us to
share our thoughts,dreams and feelings...
I think that we made a first step in our relationships.We got to know each
other,it's important.Now I want to know you better,letters will help us in
this I hope that one beautiful day we will meet and from that meeting our future will depend.
I'm very serious person and I'm not looking for a pan-pal.I need a
faithful,devoted to me man which want to become my husband,friend and
lover.I would like to know more about you.Tell me more about your life
and work.I'm really interested!!! Please,just be yourself!!!
I'm so thankful that you have come into my life and one day I will be
able to show you how much I appreciate you,dear.
I'm looking forward to see you.Maybe when we'll see each other,we can life together!!!
Let's try to know each other better!!!

Try to phone me today,I'll be very happy!!!

This is my phonenumber:+79684646328
And Skype: julik377

Many-many kisses for you.
Your Julia.
Comment #127148
Hello my !!!
I'm very glad to get your letter!!! My dear angel,I'm so happy that you don't
forget me during these days.
It's a very big pleasure to read your letter. My feelings with each letter to
you are becoming stronger and stronger!
Let us be honest with each other and please tell me,how do you see our future
relations and how much serious our correspondence is for you.I would be glad
to begin our relations from the meeting.
Yesterday I met my friend on the street,she is my best friend.I didn't see her
for 3-4 weeks,she was in the other city.We spoke with her about many
things,and when I told her that I found man of my dream,she was so happy for
me.She could not believe me that I found you through Internet.
All my family,all my friend are so happy for me,and I can't believe my happiness!!!
I think that for women family is the most important thing!
I need only one man,who will understand me,love me,take care of me,i.e. I need
family,and I'll make that man happy...
The life is so short if to live alone.I want to believe that we'll find
together our happiness.I think that nothing makes people closer than spending
time together.And I really want to make a family and for me the following
qualities are important:honesty,reliability,care,fidelity.
Yes,I know,very difficult to know each other better only for writing
letters...I think you don't want to be only penfriend,I'm understand,same to me.
I'm very wait for that moment,when I can see you,to embrace...
You know,sometimes I go sleep and dream to wake up near you,you hold me and
just say that everything is fine...
Love is passion and through friendship we will find the mutual understanding
and willingness to help each other in any situation.
I wish I could be with you,I'm sure that together we will have a lot of fun
and spend great time! I'm very caring person and loving,I will do for you
everything to make you feel good,I want to wake up in the morning early and
prepare food for you,I want to meet you in the evening when you come from your
work and kiss you tender,to hold you and to show you all my love.I want to go
picnic with you,I want to walk with you under the night sky and look at
stars,I also want to help you with your work,I don't want you to feel tired,I
just want to stay with you and give you my love.I would like to fall asleep in
your arms,wake up with a smile and bring him breakfast to the bed.
And from my side I'll cover you with my love,caring and warmth.I wish that my
dream come true one day!!!
I will be very glad to meet you,because you seem to be clever and you are very
attractive.I will do my very best to meet you very soon...
So now I sent you questions and I'll waiting for your answers back,don't be
shy to ask something.I will also not be shy...

What is your favorite color and number?
What is your favorite movie and movie-star?
What would be your favorite holiday?
Do you prefer mountains or sea for vacations?
What do you prefer fish or meat?
What is your favorite drink?
Where would you like to live in the city or more outside?
What do you know about Russia and Russian girls?
Did you even had a girl-friend from other country?
Which other countries did you already visit?
Do you like children?
If you could change something in-and outside of you why would you like to
Are you jealous?
What was the most crazy thing you even did?
What crazy thing you always wanted but never tried?

.............. so that's it for the today!!! :-)))

Many-many kisses for you.
Your Julia.
P.S.I'll waiting for your call.

This is my phonenumber:+79684646328
And Skype: julik377