Scammer Anya unknown Anya

29 / October 17
Lozovskoy, Ukraine

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Comment #126945
Sent emails describing her hard life, and always with stunningly beautiful pictures. Blonde, very pretty.
After 2 or three emails, she claims she can no longer afford to pay the translator service, and asks for you to pay it. She then starts to send emails, from the same email address, but pretending to be the translator company (YuPi" Internet service&provider.), asking for you to pay her account fees.
********* excerpt from email*********
"Whether you are a big business or an individual we can help you. Miss
Anya used to use our services but at the current moment her financial
a situation turned worse and she is not able to bear the costs that is
why she asked us to contact you and find out if you are able to help
her. Please be so kind to inform us what we should tell her as she is
very much interested to continue your conversations.

Best Regards,
Yulia Pivneva
******* end excerpt*********
Comment #130846
I know , Scram tranlators ??jajjajshe change her email