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Hello! My name is Larissa, but close friends call me Lara! You have
not forgotten about me? I was pleasantly surprised when you answered
the letter, thank you! I'm sorry I made you wait a long time to
answer. I'm having problems with the Internet. But now everything is
fine and I am happy I want to continue the acquaintance. Unless of
course you will support me. :) Probably time to intrigue you? What was
your first impression of me? :) Maybe you think that all this is a
joke or a hoax? Frankly, I have taken your email address in the dating
agency for women. I was offered several profiles according to the
criteria that I chose myself. And something made me look at your
profile and stop. Maybe it's fate? :) As you can see, I also like you
live person. Thank you for the photo, you look good, even very
glamorous. If you want I can write to you in your language. If you
will be comfortable. I live in Russia. My town is called Volgograd,
can you ever heard of him? Quite a modern and beautiful city. I think
you might be interested to know about me? If you are ever going to be
here, I'm happy to show you their city. :) I'll tell you a little
about myself. My name is Larisa (if you forgot). :) Honestly, I do not
know where to start. Actually I do not have much experience with men
internet, especially from other countries. Especially in our time are
many deceivers. I think you're not !? :) But it is interesting to
communicate with you. I know, you ask me how old I am, whether I'm
married, etc. So I'll tell you herself. :) To be honest, I do not like
to say how old I am. As a girl, I was confused. But if we want to go
to a closer dialogue, you must also start with a mutual understanding
and truth. Do you agree with me? I 34 year and I am not married and
have no children. But, of course, like any woman, I I dream about a
simple human happiness. I live alone, I'm a decent girl from a
respectable family. My parents were well-secured and in time it has
helped me. But I have been living separately from their parents. They
divorced, even when I was a little girl. Father, I do not remember.
Mom says he now lives in Italy with my grandmother. Since my
grandmother was left alone to care for her. My mother, after 8 years
of his life outside of marriage finally met the man and lives with him
in another city. I do not judge them poorly. My mother was able to
raise me right. I grew up an independent girl. I live here in Russia
for a long time alone. I work as an administrator in a clothing store.
I work for myself and I do not consider that to be dependent on men, I
think it does not matter. I think the main thing is to be with a man
who loves and accepts you as you are. The main thing that it was
mutual! I also wonder what will come of our communication. This is new
to me. I think that our acquaintance will bring us a lot of new
positive emotions. It would be nice to know if I have a good friend
like you. You're going to be friends with me? ;) I will finish my
letter and I hope that soon you will answer me. I want to know more
about you. I'm attaching some photos for memory. I do not say goodbye
to you. I say goodbye! P.S Leave me your picture, OK? :)