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Hello !
I'm so happy to see your message.
To be honest, I didn't expect I could draw your attention to me, as nowadays there is so much lie in the
Internet. I heard this from my friend who lives in another country now. She said that a lot of russian
women earned money on people's feelings.
I want to tell you that I'm not that kind of girl. I'm here to find a man with whom it would be
comfortable for me to communicate, with whom we will have common interests.

I'll tell you some facts about myself.
I live alone in a small one-room flat. My mother lives in the village and I visit her almost every
As I told you, I work for a physical education teacher of elementary grades. This is a very fun and interesting profession.
I'm madly in love with the children and sports. And it so happened that I have to do everything at once.
As I have learned, I have more free time.
I re-read a lot of books (Block, Pushkin, Yesenin).
Recently my friend presented me an old notebook. Therefore I signed up on the Cupid dating site where
I've met such a wonderful man like you. I do yoga in my spare time, so I am very flexible)) I love sense of
peace and tranquility.
I like going home after work through the park, watching children playing, and sometimes I feed the birds
and enjoy nature.
I watch TV or read romance novels in the evening.
I love cooking, but unfortunately I have no one to do it for.
I have had the last serious relationship 2 years ago. But I was disappointed in this man because he
betrayed me.
He changed me to another girl who was younger than me. He hurt my soul.
I didn't have men since that time, and in general I don't want to have a man from Russia as all russian
men are the same,
they do not appreciate their girlfriends.
I got indecent proposals from men after signing up on the dating site. Some of them wrote to me that I
am a Fake or Scam. This is disgusting. I couldn't understand why did they do that, but then my friend
explained me.
I'm glad I have met you, I hope our relationship will make us happy.
I finish my message.
And I will be waiting for your answer.
yours Mariya
Comment #127889
Hello my dear friend
I am very glad to read your letter
Thank you for your picture
You look fine.
I really like you.
I like that you're such a gentle and kind photo.
I hope that in life you are as gentle and affectionate
Now I have a big change.
Taking this opportunity, I decided to respond to your letter.
When I learned, I can not be distracted by the computer.
The children in my class, very energetic.
Sine I am a teacher, I have to keep track of them.
Now I will tell a little about his life.
After I finished school I went to college.
I studied at the Faculty of Sport.
I love sports.
I was engaged in gymnastics and running.
My love for the sport and my education gave me the opportunity to work as a teacher of physical education in junior high.
I'm doing my favorite job for life
I love children.
Kids + Sports = Favorite work =)
I have now is not so much time that would go in for sports.
From morning till night, I'm at work.
I work as a physical education teacher 17 years
After work, I come home, have dinner, watch TV and go to bed.
Last time, my life has become lonely and monotonous.
And only in the school, I feel happy, because children pick me up.
I have a lot of emotions about the future of communication with you.
This decent man like you, very hard to find on the Internet.
I think we are very fortunate that you and I met.
It seems to me that in our letters, we'll be polite and respect each other.
I liked you such what you are.
I was in a relationship for 10 years.
All of 10 years old, he lied to me that to stop drinking, but never gave up.
Due to the fact that he drank a lot, I could not have a baby.
I put up with him because she loved him and was a fool.
5 years ago, my patience has come to an end.
I threw this man, when she learned that another of his drunk, he cheated on me with another young girl.
After that, I left him.
3 years I have never met with anyone, but then I was like a man.
He did not drink, I began to meet with him, loved him. A month later, he beat me.
I left him and decided that I am not a man of Russia want to meet any more.
By this I'm learning English.
I want to sell my apartment and move to a civilized country, as in Russia for my '43 my personal life has not turned out.
You're interesting, polite man.
I test interest to you.
I will be very pleased if our communication will be interesting and exciting.
I always want to be surprised by your letter, and with each new letter, I want to know about you more and more.
At this point I want to finish my letter. The change over, the lesson begins right now.