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Hi ! I'm glad you wrote to me, ? It's a surprise for me
:). what is your mood? I thought you'd write to me or not. So I'm
really glad you wrote to me, . I can respond with a computer at
work, so I have a problem with instant messaging. You write a letter
home from work or from home? Often you will be able to answer my
letters? I hope you I do not mind communicating by e-mail? I will try
to write an e-mail every day, in your spare time at work. as I have
any more where there is no access to the Internet, except work.
, I am sincerely glad to receive your letter. And we can
continue our acquaintance. I want immediately say that this is my
first encounter with a man on the Internet. So I bit worried... I work
as a sales manager in a small firm, which is engaged in supplying
household chemicals. Where are you currently working? In his spare
time, and when there is a free computer, I decided to use the Internet
for dating. At first I did not think about it. But I decided to try.
Because she saw on television advertising, a lot of people have found
each other through the Internet, and is very happy now. Because there
are no borders and distances for acquaintance. Maybe you will be
surprised, but I'm from Russia. For you it is not a problem that I was
from Russia? If you do not want to see the girl from Russia, I will
not insist? Write me. But I think that all relationships should be
based on honesty and trust. Even if this correspondence via the
Internet. Do you agree with me, ? So, a little about me. My
name is Galina. I am 28 year. My birthday is on 16 September. My
height - 169 cm. My weight - 54 kg. my favorite color is yellow.
because the yellow color in itself brings friendship and heat. as well
as the color of the sun reminds :) I have no bad habits. I love an
active way life. I am lonely and have never been married. I do not
have children. I have a quiet character. I live alone. My parents are
now retired. Dad worked as a fireman, so retirement I received early.
And my mother has always been a housewife. Now they are engaged in
housework and They live in the suburbs in their own home. I am the
only child in the family. I do not have brothers and sisters. I live
in a small but beautiful town of Kanash, Chuvash Republic. Can you
tell me more about you? About your life and entertainment? For
example, I like dance. In his spare time, and I go to a dance school.
It also helps me in order to keep my body. I think you have already
noticed this :). What are you looking for in a woman? AND the most
important question for me is: "What do you expect from acquaintance
with a woman?" Flirting? Marriage? It is important to find out for me
now at the beginning of our acquaintance that then between us was
disagreement. I have a lot of friends. And I need love and a serious
relationship. Only why I'm here. I want to find me a good man for a
serious relationship. therefore age is not important to me. For me the
important human soul. I do not think the age difference this is an
important factor in the relationship between man and woman. Because
with age, men Only smarter and wiser. I would be happy to be with a
man who is serious It refers to a woman. I hope that our meeting will
be pleasant. I would like you to answer my questions sincerely. I love
sincerity and truth. I understand that you have a lot of questions for
me. also, me to you. You can ask what you're interested to know about
me. I will sincerely answer you. If I'm interested in you, I'll write
you more about me in my next letter. Ok? I put some pictures in my
letter. I hope you like it. I'm waiting for your answer and your
photos. Your new girlfriend, Galina!