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Thank you for your beautiful words! I am very pleased to read your letter.
Your words warmed me and give me hope for happiness. I also had
relationship I was paired with a man for 7 years. It was a very difficult relationship.
They took a lot of my energy. But I'm glad I met
you. I hope that our relations will develop.Dear, how do you imagine our meeting?
I would very much like to come to you. Because now war in my country. And I'm so tired of it.
I want a change of scenery. Do not think that I want to take you to get away from the war.
I just really need emotional unloading. I hope you understand me. You bring joy to my life.
I was so sad this morning. Today, rainy morning . I thought about my solitude .
You know, today I was at work told a funny story. I laughed
for a long time. I want to share with you: "Everybody on earth
dies and goes to heaven God comes and says,." I want the men to make two
lines. One line for the men that dominated their women on earth and
the other line for the men that were dominated by their women.
Also, I want all the women to go with St. Peter. "With that said and done, the
next time God looked, the women are gone and there are two lines. The
line of the men that were dominated by their women was 100 miles long,
and in the line of men that dominated their women, there was only one
man. God got mad and said, "You men should be ashamed of yourselves. I
created, you in my image and you were all whipped by your mates. Look
at the only, one of my sons that stood up and made me proud. Learn
from him! Tell them my son, how did you manage to be the only one in this line? " And the man replied,
"I do not know, my wife told me to stand here." I'd love to have fun with you . Today was in the store. I
really liked the shoes . Now I dream about them. Do you have some new?
I hope you, too, miss me ! Unfortunately I can not talk on Skype! Because my computer is part of
my furniture were broken by shrapnel from the projectile, which flew
into my window. I have a cheap Chinese phone. Just beautiful shell.
It's a shame! But it's true! My country is not in the best position
right now. People began to live worse. Therefore, I can not afford to
buy gadgets today. Unfortunately. I hope you understand me

whith warm reguards, your Tanya