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My warm greetings with warm and bright minds )))
How are you doing??? I hope that at you very well and I wish to you just only all best)))
Thank you again for your attention on Internet Dating Site. Now I hope to start serious association with you.
From all my heart I want to thank you for the attention you expressed to me, and for that has not left my sympathy and has answered to me. I very much hope what is it only beginning of our warm serious dialogue and we shall know each other much better)))
Im just serious here and hope you also will give your serious attention to our association, will read my letters with attention and will let me know about you more, not just some not serious lines. I dont trust such messages if it only in some words - Im sure its first sign of that its not serious!
I hope we both looking for just serious relations for bright future.
Many woman and man not serious in Internet dating and play just games, for fun and money, Im sure its dirty. Im just for serious and honest here, dont take your time and lost my time for any not serious!
First of all certainly I shall tell more in detail about myself.
My full name is Anna - Russian name, but I know that its not just in Russia and use in different countries, the parents call me Anuta, friends Anechka, Ann. Of course you can use any forms you want, I will be glad to all)))
As you know Im from Russia, from beautiful, but not so large city Yaroslavl.
Yaroslavl - the third largest town in the Central Federal District and the oldest city in the country with more than 500,000 people. Yaroslavl - one of the oldest Russian cities, founded in the XI century, in 2010 the city celebrated its millennium. Day of the City of Yaroslavl is usually celebrated on the last Saturday of May (in 2010, the millennium celebration of the city was held from 10 to 12 September). The historic city center, situated at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Yaroslavl is traditionally considered one of the main objects of the Golden Ring of Russia.
I have finished university, faculty of social psychology. I liked to be fond of psychology in school period and I did not think long what science I shall study. It is a very deep science, I think that I shall tell about her more in due course))) My branch the social psychology was called, actually in this area I work now. I work with which children the parents, with unsuccessful children have thrown. I am very happy to have such job because I like children, though yet I have no, I am very happy that I can to make their difficult life better, to see their smiles, to hear of laughter))) children have not deserved burning, only of happiness, in hands of the adults to make by their happy)
Now I live separately from the parents, I rent flat, because I aspire to independence. Whenever possible I help them))) From time to time to me uneasily, but I not sad for me and never complain)))
I very much like theatre, cinema, reading, art and art places. Not on me noisy places like dances. Very much I like to go for a walk, to reflect)))
Very much I want to be happy in love, marriage, my future family. I did not have some more serious relations, because it is serious for me a step. I very much do not like which play with feelings. The trust is very important. I am confused little about Internet Dating, a little I am afraid, but I think it temporarily. I am sure that if I really will grow fond of that I shall do all that mine the man was happy... What such love??? For me it is warm, trust, tenderness, dedication to each other. To divide life together. I hope it will move fine way)))
I think that while it is all. But I think and very much I hope what is it only beginning)))
Very much I hope to continue our association.
I am very much interested in you. I hope it will be also from you.
Very much I wait for the following letter and more fotos please!!!)))
In total to you best)))
Take care