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Hello my darling Carlo,

thank you for writing me again and for the compliments you are telling
me. I really do not know what experience you used to have with the
girls on-line. I am seeking for my happiness here. And you know,
there are many men via Internet who are scams too! They play with
feelings and use women. But I am not keep telling you about such
cases. I am optimistic and I trust you. And I hope you can do the same
for me. I am interested in real relations but I am not interesting in
reading about some scammers all the time.

It was never my intention to ask you for money. But you know that I do
not have Internet and computer at home and I use the services of
Internet cafe. I pay for their Internet and the price is quite
expensive. It is understandable as they have lots of problems in their
work. They do a lot to have a stable Internet connection and even use
petrol generators as we have electricity cut off here very often. I
pay 125 grivnas (about 5$!!) per each hour here. I can spend even 2
ours on writing you sometimes as I am not a big computer user and it
takes time from me to write you. So, I really didn't like your comment
that you are not going to help me in future. I think that man should
care about his woman. If he doesn't, he doesn't deserve to be called a
MAN than. He is just an individual male then. True man would never
leave his woman indeed and true allow a weak woman to pay for him. Are
you a true man or was I mistaken about you? I m a good woman and I
hope you are a true man.

Well, you know, Carlo, I am a woman with a hundreds of talents:) And I
know that there are lot of them undiscovered! And I am looking for the
man who will discover each of them... I am a woman who can be
passionate like the one in the jacket with stripes... I can be very
calm and family like the woman who is at home, in blue dress... I can
be elegant like the woman wearing a hat... I am in a search of the man
who will be ready to accept me with all my different sides... You
know, Carlo, we have an expression here that the woman should be wild
like a devil in a bed, family like an angel at home... But the woman
opens all these sides only when she is with the right man by her

Carlo, I have told you already that I didn't have the opportunity to
get the good education, that's why one defect I have is my lack of it.
But I am open for everything new. I think i should learn something new
to get a new job here. You know, Carlo, I am seamstress but I am
unemployed at the moment. No one is interested in new dresses in my
town now(

I miss you already.