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Hi there . It’s so nice to hear from you back. I understand it’s a very unusual way of affair with someone but any way we should try, may be it really will turn to be something wonderful between us. Everything is in our hands. I also think that it would be good to make our communication closer to the reality and that is why I can give you my cell phone number +380668120232. But I have no viber, whatsapp etc.
You can call me till 5 p.m because I start my job at 5 p.m. and if you call me after 5, I will go out of classroom and it will be a problem ( I go home late and go to sleep at 11. But I really hope it won’t be a problem for us. What about my occupation by the way. Actually I am teacher of Russian language for foreigners. I speak English not that bad but I do not have much experience. Right now, I am working as a teacher of Russian Linguistics for foreign students. They are mostly from Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria and India. So, as you see, even they cannot be someone who would give me a good experience of my English because they are not native speakers, nevertheless I am trying my best to learn it. Right now I am working on my Phd project, which is connected with the Russian Linguistics.
I want you to know more about me. I’ve already told you I’m from Ukraine, Kharkov region, Valki town. I live at my parents home because they think it is better for young and unmarried girl until she meets her husband. My parents know and support my idea to find someone from abroad. They want a better life for me. My mother was an interpreter but she does not work now. She is a housewife but looks very good, very fashionable. Look at her pictures I sent you. I am really proud of her! She is much younger then my father by the way. She is only 50. Father is retired. He was a military man. To be honest I really love my family and when I look at them I realize that it is a great model of a good family, where is a very feminine, loving woman and strong and reliable man. They brought me up in a very good atmosphere and I have never been a spoilt child even though I am the only one and have no siblings.
Tell me please, do your family know that you are searching for someone on the Internet and what is their attitude?
If for example we like each other and have some kind of chemistry, what is our next step? Do you plan the meeting in the reality in this case?
Tell me about your place you live in. You know, I’ve never been abroad and I really want to visit your country one day and actually my dream is to travel all over the world together with my man. I am sure that it would so exciting to visit new places, even would be funny to get lost together J)) can you imagine that situation, when we even do not speak their language and try to ask the way back home to our hotel… You know, I am not scared of any kind of difficulties.. probably because I am from Ukraine and got used to everything already ))) Funny. What about you, what is your reaction on the non standard situations?
I hope we will know each other better. You can ask me any questions you want. And I really going to wait for you sooner reply with a great impatience. I am sure that we will become very good friends or even something more ; )