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Hi hi hi dear !!!
I am very happy to see your letter, please excuse me, that I am writing to you with the delay, I have ben sick, and could get to my mail box only now, and great to see, that you have written to me! And of course I like it very much that we can continue our communication and know each other better. Though it is so unusual for me, first to exchange e-mail in English language, and actually to exchange e-mail at all, and also searching for a beloved man in this way is a lot unusual for me. Actually I decided to register profile very spontaneous, and to tell the truth, my friend made me doing it, anyway, it good that I agreed, at least because got acquainted with you:)you seem to me a very nice man! And what relations are you actually searching on the dating site? were you in marriage, have kids? Me not, and now as you can understand, I am also single, but dream to find my second half. You know, how it is told, that every person in the whole has his second half, may be my is here on the Internet, living in the other place, or may be I have even already met him in you:))) but at my place did not find such a person. By the way, you already know, that the place where I live is Ukraine, and town is Izum. It is a little town inside Kharkov region, I think, you can meet the photos of it in Google. And what is the name of your town in Italy? I wish to have a look in Google.And I shall have at least some little idea about how your life looks like there! And do you sometimes go to Peru? By the way, how about your family, they live in Italy ot in Peru?
Now I am working as a shop assistant, actually I have changed many works after finished university, and during studies also.And actually I have studied English literature and language at university, I can be a teacher for example, but my town is not so big and not much work here, so to find work, it is better to go to the other place. But still for me on the first place now is to find a man, who is my second half:)Look at my friends, and most of them all have families already and it is so sweet, really nothing can be better in the world!!!
Oh, only now have realized how much I have written to you already, I hope that I did not bore you, and shall finish for now:))
But before go wished to tell you, that I was so much excited talking to you, and hope that we continue our communication in future, and frankly speaking, I am already waiting with impatience to receive a new letter from you!
I am also sending you some my photos, in the forest is my favorite one.I think, that my favorite place in the world is being at nature, anywhere, forest, lake, river. Only have not bee at the mountains and ocean, but I dream of it, and think, that shall also like a lot:))) send me also few your photos the next time please!
Ok!!! Now I really stop:))) I wish you to have a good there,and can write me back soon!
Julia, your friend