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I am really so glad to see your answer!!! All this time I
was worry that you'll not answer to me and now I see that
all my worries were unfounded ;)) Thank you!!!

Thank you for your complements!!! It is really so pleasant
to know that you think I am beautiful!!! A lot of man don't
tells any complements to a women because they refused to
romance!!! And... it seams to me you a great romantic!!! Am
I right? ;))

You wrote to me that you need serious relationship... Yes, I
am understand you because I need the same!!! I am looking
for a man with whom I can wake up in morning and fall in
sleep at night... I need a man who will love and who present
to me his heart... I am looking for a man who make me the
happiest woman in the world! ;) And I promise that I'll make
everything in my power for make his the happiest man in the

MMM ;)) I wish tell you a lot and... I don't know how to
start!!! if you remember my profile: I am 27 years
old and I live in a little village Zoltoe with my mom and
sister ;) My dad left us when I was 4 because of another
woman... It was blow for mom... sister and me!!! But... we
are strong and we pulled this!!!

And I think you are interesting why I am still alone? ;))
Yes, I had serious relationships with a man from my village
but... he cheated on me and I couldn't understand: WHY? Then
I remembered my dad and I understood that Ukrainian men are
polygamous and this is unacceptable to me!!! I wish be only
woman for my man!!! And... what do you think about
polygamous? ;)

That is why I decided looking for a man in another country
;)) At first it was impossible because I don't know English
and I have no computer... Also, my village is so far from
the city and my village didn't have Internet connection but
last week opened a translation company that has made the
impossible possible: And in this way I am writing to you!!!
;)) Sincerely hope that it is not a problem for you because
this is a temporary solution to the language problem and I
am planing visit language courses in a nearest time!

Oh ;))) I wrote a great letter!!! Sorry ;))) Sincerely hope
I didn't make you tired with my long one ;)) I am finishing
and sincerely hope to see your answer soon!!! Also, I have a
some photos for you for show my life ;)) On from the was
made this morning near my home ;) and another one 5 min ago
at translation company ;))) Hope you'll like them!!! ;))
I'll miss you! Will you miss me ?;))

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