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Ella no es una chica. Son un grupo de mafiosos, he buscado en los correos el IP y me lleva a un lugar de lujo en Moscú. He puesto una denuncia en la policía de Barcelona España, presenta pruebas y unamono.
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También se hace llamar como NATALYA LYSENKO
Comment #127146, me estafaron con 2500€
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Hello my love Johan!!!!!!! It is fine that things go so well for us. I said to you before that it seems to me that we are closer and closer with you every day. I think of it constantly. Now I want to ask you very important question. Probably, it is the most important question in your life. And I want, that you have given me the definitive answer to my question. Last answer. YES or not. I hope that you understand all importance and gravity of our first meeting. So... You are really ready to what I will arrive to you? You are ready to ours with you of a meeting? It is very important for me. For me it too very serious choice. I know that for a trip to you, I should spend a lot of time and forces. YES, I am ready to a meeting. Johan, and you are ready??? I think that you understand that our meeting - the FIRST, but also VERY IMPORTANT for our future relations. It just now in a mail, we want to love each other. Actually, all can change. But only not for me. I do not change my decisions. Now for me the main this your decision. You understand? Therefore for me it is necessary, that you have given me now the definitive answer. And if suddenly before my flight you tell to me, NO. I will very strongly take offence at you. I hope, what you understand it? Now I have only one dream. In this dream, I go down from the plane and I see you. I see flowers in your hands. I approach to you, and you give a bunch of flowers to me. And here I already in your embraces. We merge in passion of one kiss. We go to yours home. I do for us a romantic supper. On a table there is an easy food. Romantic music plays. We are overflowed with emotions, and we silently we look on each other. Then we dance, and dance slowly transfers us to a bedroom. We appear in bed and we start to undress slowly each other. Our love, our passion, does us uniform. It so is fine!!! I do not want a separate room. I only have asked to you about it. I do not want to deliver you difficulty but if you not against I want to sleep with you in one bed! Yes, I very much like your house and I want to live there together with you. Move more accurately. I hope, what your hand well now? What do I do for life? How it to understand? I want to be only with you. I promise to you that I will make all for this purpose. Nothing will stop me. As soon as I learn all the necessary information for a trip, I will inform at once you. Ok? Now I finish the mail and I wait your answer as soon as possible. I kiss you. Only your for ever Nadezhda this woman is one scam i receive more than 40 pictures Johan from holland

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the name of this women is NATALYA LYSENKO, i paid also to this women and i have never seen anything from her.
if you need more details about this women send me a mail