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Once again, hello dear
I am pleased to continue our communication, thank you for the wonderful picture, I onia very ponravilisb, and where it was made? Please send me more of your photos, so I know better than you ... I'm sorry for the long answer, I was away on a business trip and had only recently returned!
I hope you will understand my letter, because as for me, I do not really understand your ...
I so much want to know about you, I have so many questions for you, but I'm afraid I just do not understand your answers to the full ...
I wanted to ask you, how long have you been on dating sites and what brings you here? I'm on the websites for about a year, and during this period I have so much seen enough and had heard in his address, Stolk bitter experience I byblo ... Can you imagine, a lot of men in the first letter I write about what they are willing to send me the money I came to them and led them to a fun time ... after a bitter experience on Skype, I'm afraid to trust men in general, I have one and all the men were asked to go on Skype and I used to come out a little like a fool with all indiscriminately to communicate and after a few of them to unbutton his pants and started to do things nepristoynye directly at the camera, my psyche nadlomalas and now I'm very careful ... Some men after a few emails asking for my passport, and I have asked him why he said that and not send them passport, they called me a liar and the Russian sent to hell ... After all that I have suffered, I want to start to find out a person closer and see if he is serious, because those men with whom I had talked to were not serious and some abnormal. .. I respect myself in the first place, and I want you to respect me and my uvzhaal decision.
I hope that you ponbimaesh my position and buesh respectful to my words. In the future, I want contact with you in various ways, but only after I'm sure you're a decent man ...
During this long year on the sites I tried different options to communicate with men, but often communication stopped because of an elementary misunderstanding that arose because of the poor quality of translations into Russian. Russian language had very difficult to translate, there are many different suffivso and endings, which complicates the process of translating letters. And you know that I really did not like always? Many men do not even ask if I understand them, they were still at it, all they asked for, is to send more photos and even naked !!! If the appearance of the girl for you is more important than her soul, then please tell me about it right away, because otherwise we're just wasting your time. I appreciate a man's soul, his inner world, for me, has always been a man's appearance almost in last place ... I have always sought to ensure h To know a person, to understand it, what he lives and breathes, but low-quality translators do not provide this to make the fullest. I am ready to learn any world language for the sake of a loved one, but once I want to know a person to understand what I am teaching a language is not in vain and do not waste your time in vain ...
Maybe you have secrets or minor offenses, expansions that you can not trust anyone? I want a life with you completely open and tell you one time in my life, which left a large imprint on my psyche. In destve I was a shy girl and it was difficult to ask someone for help, once I got to pee in the bushes, and only after I finished, I noticed that for me was watching a man sitting on a bench nearby, he went after me to the meeting, I started to run and spratalas behind the garages, I sat there in awe for several hours, because I was afraid that he would find me! After this incident, this case has left in my memory a vivid impression.
I hope that you read my letter in full and you will understand it because I honestly say that I'm having a problem with the translation. Maybe we should look for suitable options for further communication? I am sure that we will cope with all the obstacles and find the best way for us. I wish you good mood and will be waiting for your answer.
The letter I send you my pictures.