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Hello ,
how are you doing today? Am glad to receive your message. Before i go further, let me introduce myself and you can gradually begin to know me little by little, My name is Brittany Anderson,my originality is Germany and live in England.I was born in February 14 1984.

Am a single lady seeking a faithful and fruitful relationship with A TRUE soul mate.I am unmarried, no kids and by profession am a Hair stylist,and make up artist.I make up for performing group and excel in other aspect of art work. As a matter of fact,i believe this could be one of the greatest opportunity for both of us provided you wish to further on.For now we can keep corresponding with each other through email exchange because i don't have much time for chatting. Honestly i know It is very hard finding a true soul mate these days without falling in the hands of those that want to play.I just want you to realize that this time am going to take a chance for real conversation with you provided you are serious with your intention. With this little time, I’m going to take some time for myself looking for a real soul mate. It is tough these days without having to deal with people just wanting to play or cheat. I have been jilted so much in my past relationship.

I have had a very bad experience as regards relationships, in my last relationship,i was almost married when suddenly i discovered my finance was having an affair with my supposed best was such an experience,it really had an effect in my life,and since then its been pretty hard getting myself together.

I will like to ask you to read my message carefully, if you are are having any problem what so ever maybe with your Ex wife or Girlfriend that you believe would not make you concentrate, kindly dont respond to this message ,if you have problem of emotional swings,do not even bother to write back, if you are talking with someone else or you are in a relationship with yet another lady found online, i will advice you keep the focus on her and don't bother to waste either of our precious time, however, if you are a not found wanting with any of these then you should write back.

I always find it hard to believe that true love still exist due to my experience in my last relationship with my X though i did not allow that to turn me down completely, am still optimistic of a better future.I no there would be "A SUNSHINE SOMEDAY" .I honestly want someone in my life, i don't want any Game or adventures and am open up to relocating to wherever i found my true love .I want a life time relationship with someone real.I think it will also be fine if i tell you more about my family and my background. It was in feb 2005 that i lost my dad when he got involved in an auto accident on his way from Chicago where he and mum went to visit one of mum's relative According to one the officers of the 911, she said an extra ordinary big deer just crossed the road and dad in his attempt to avoid knocking the deer down and lost control of the car and the accident occurred. And it was in this shock that my mother gave up her ghost to. . May her soul rest in peace,So I need a Genuine and trustworthy man to spend the rest of life together. Someone who is ready to love me unconditionally and who is ready to share the life greatest joy and sorrow with me ...I don’t know if this is what you want as well.I would be so glad if I could meet the person in you.I will like to ask you some questions and It would be my pleasure if you could come up with the answers to the questions below in your next emailI will like to ask you some questions and It would be my pleasure if you could come up with the answers to the questions below in your next email.

(i) What sort of relationship do you want?

(ii) What is your present marital status?

(iii) What has been your experience as regards internet dating?

(iv) what is your job?

I would have to stop here for now and it would be my pleasure to hear from you soonest.