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Hello ,

I must say am very grateful and thankful once again for getting back at me. My heart is full of joy to hear back from you..This is really a good start for the both of us to start on a true and honest way...You might be wondering what will a woman of my age or my standard will ever want with a man of your age but i made contact with you just because you seems perfect and interesting for me and a man i could spend the rest of my days with if God wants and if you allow this to work out fine between us. I may not be as educated as you are but i thank God that i can still read and write if not in a perfect way.

At your age now, you can't be out there looking for a woman to play games with or looking for a woman to have an on-line sex with but the younger ones are just out there looking for a woman to play games with which am not ready for such. I want you to know that the more older you are, the more experience you have about how to take a very good care of a woman and how to treat her right, how to treat her in a way a woman is meant to be treated. As for me, i don't know about other woman but for me, age means nothing to me in a relationship cos age is just a number and it makes no difference in a relationship where there is True love and understanding...Please grab a cup of coffee cos i need to let you know everything about myself.

Well, let me tell you more about myself and i hope you do the same too. Am Cindy Brown Eloho 34yrs old but will be 35 this year. Once a model but not any more, presently working in a bar as a Waitress here in Nigeria (Steam Bar).I don't stay alone but i stay with my sick Grandma (90yr old) am looking after my sick grandma because She is the only living soul i have left as far as am concern and only one I have left in this world, and I hope you will be added to be the second living thing i have this life. Have never been married before, no kids. Lost my both parent in a car accident when i was little and I was raised by a family friend who left me when I needed them most. I was born and brought up USA, yes i know my profile on that site says am in the state but i just told you am in West Africa and you might be wondering but its where my Dad is from and i don't mind any man from there or anywhere in the world because there is no place on this face of earth your soul mate can't be from. There is no City, State, Town, or Country your life partner can't be from and that's why have made contact with you. Please, don't let distance be a problem for you because we don't know what God has in plan for us. Also if you need my number then ask for it or better still let me give it to you now so you can text me cos i came here with the phone i was using in the state +6162053242. and here is my Nigerian number in case you want to text or call me to hear my voice and confirm who you communicating with or exchanging emails with +234835566885.You can also look me up through my Facebook profile . I will be looking forward for your text or call as soon as possible.Seriously i won't like to this those our family friend again.I don't want to see them again because they left me when I needed them most. They left me in the middle of nowhere when i needed them most at the age of 15.. They left me in suffering. If I see them I can kill them but i will never forget about them because of what they have done to me. I know if my parents were still alive things wouldn't have been this way for me..

I think you should get a cup of water too cos have been telling you much about myself. Am saying all this to you just for you to know and learn more about me so you know am just like an open book, I have nothing to hide. I need to let you know too that am here to claim my father's Inheritance he left behind. I have the Will from the Attorney and i have all the necessary document needed with me but all I need is your support and your understanding. The Nigerian Federal Government are holding my father's inheritance since 9 years ago, and this year makes it 10 yrs. All I have left is some months to claim it back cos have been on this case for years. Have been in Nigeria for years now trying to get this inheritance but it's been so difficult for me alone to get it done. I don't have a competent lawyer and things are somehow every difficult for me because the way things are done here in this country Nigeria is totally different from the rest of the world. My father left me with some money which is 3 Million,3 Hundred Thousand Dollars because he is a business man, an Oil business man in this country and other countries too. He also left with some houses, lands, and so other companies but i can't handle all this things alone. I know am not suppose to tell you all this now but I guess is better to start a relationship with truth and trust that's why am letting the cat out of the bag. I don't do this with anyone or have I said anything to anyone but i don't know why am being open to you. Don't worry I will attach a copy of the Will to you but not now. I need to be sure you really interested in me not because of my father's money nor the inheritance but need to make sure it's me you truly want. The more we communicate more, the better things gets.

Note, I don't care about where you from, which city you from, the kind of job you into, either you rich or poor is not what am after but happiness is all what I seek. Please this is no joke and am really serious about this. Don't let country or state or town or even city be a problem because I don't mind any man from anywhere in the world that's why i made contact with you from the site because the country you from is not what is important but what comes from the inside of you and your heart really matters a lot. I need a man who will guild me, support me, assist me with all this things. You feel free to ask me of any document regarding what i just told you if you need to be sure about it. Please an honest man is what i need and seek. I need happiness that as been lost in my life for so many years not just money and properties.

Have been in love before but my love was betrayed by my best friend which took me 6yrs to get my feet back on the ground. My best friend slept with my boyfriend when we are about getting married. This incident really hurt me deep down because i hate to be taken for a fool when am not. I could not do anything for 6yrs till i could get myself back on the ground and that was what brought me on that site. What else can i say than for you to do the same as have done. Explain yourself more to me in your next mail. I hope to hear from you as soon as you get this message. If you are still interested to continue communicating with me.
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anything to do with Nigeria is guarenteed to be a scammer and using stolen photos . english is anglicised too much to be true