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Hello Dear ,
How are you doing today and everyone around you over there ..? Thank you for your friendship and for the compliment , Thanks for telling me more about yourself ,work and hobbies ,You have always found the time to write me notes on the site we met and i really appreciate that from you,You always seem to know just what to say and I really appreciate that. I know that you are so sincere with your thoughts that you write to me and I know with time we will get the best out of this long proxy conversation , Because i can see the feelings keeps getting mutual ....

I realize sometimes the best friends cant be determined by how you meet, personalities or where you both meet ,Best friends will always be best friends , and will always offer the best to keep the friendship grooming , I will also like to share more about me with you here .

I'm Rebecca Gauthier , Born and brought up United States by a mixed parent , My dad was a french Canadian from Calgary Alberta Canada , And my mom is a mixed Africa America , Her traces is from Ghana in west Africa and both serve as an Ids till my dad pass out .
I`m 5`6" 134 with a athletic build,mentally stable,physically fit,a bunch of laughs,warm, caring,honest, good listening, God Fearing,and a positive person,brown hair and brown eye ,My high school was Wellington private High School in Columbus Ohio and later went to St Leo college for my nursing degree where i met my baby father in California and we dated for 6 years and we got one son out of wedlock , The relationship was going on fine and fair from the beginning , Until i later discovered his hiding habit , which i believe is very bad on our little son and i don't want him to wreck the future of the innocent boy and mine with his druggy attitude , He sniff in drugs and take some sort of other drugs i do not know about , I tried to be real with him by trying my best to show him some love , I prayed times without number for him , But i can see his parent were not really doing anything to relief me out, so i file for the custody of my son and i have him all to myself now and i decide to move on with my life .

Well right now i have 3 years experience as a midwife nurse and i work here at Wilson Memorial Hospital here in Ohio , I live most of my life as a country girl , I like the nature , meeting people , caring for the kids , less privileged , like the old people , cos i use to live with my Grandfather here in Sydney Ohio , His still fit and active , His called Dennis Moeller , He teaches me a lot about life and how to get over my pains of the past and how to make my lil man smart and knows how to talk like the man in the 6 o'clock news SMILES.

My hobbies are too many but to mentioned a few; sports,watching movies, going for walks, listening to music (almost all types of music), love on the beach, dancing , reading my bible and working on the farm .My favorite movies are romantic movies,Action and Drama, eating habits: just about anything, But prefer sea food and veggies, I don¦t smoke or drink alcohol. am always smiling and don’t easily get irritated, I don't even remember the last time I that type of person who always try to make people laugh.

I'm just a lonely bird here so free and open minded , just hoping someday my man can get me around his arm , and i can be so proud of him and call him my SHADOW , MY BEST FRIEND AND LOVER . I must admit you sound so interesting and i enjoy every bit of your lines compose to me , I will look forward to more of this from you and i wish you all the best in your endeavor , I know what you are going through over there and there is someone in heaven who sees it more than we do , He knows what is good for you , He will do it and everything is going to be in shape again , I like your kind of man , And i wish all the best for you in your journey , I wish we can make a chemistry , May be someday i can look into your eye and call you the HERO .

I will attach few of my picture with the only sister i got , she is called Tracy... Bye for now and i will look forward to your utmost response .xoxoxoxoxo I will be glad if you can send some few pic of you