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Hello dear !

I am glad to hear from you;)! How is your day today? I hope everything
works well for you;) No matter what - always be happy and cheerful,
luck chooses smiling people:) Smiling and laughing helps me live
through all the hard times:) It works, I promise, try it:)) Let me
tell you about myself, by the way, I did bad choice with local man
here before and now only interested in a man abroad. The skype and
whatsapp is for close friends, don't you think, I would like to be
that close you know.

I am 34 years old, height 159cm, weight 53kg, I live in eastern
Ukraine, near Donetsk with my parents, it's very scary here, because
of the conflict, I am pretty sure you have already heard of it. But
life is going on and here we met for the bright future ;) That's why I
wish to know more about you, your interests?;) Tell me about the city
where you live in Italy and don't forget to share your pictures. A
little about me. I am looking for my true love here, my soul mate to
spend the rest of my life together. Life is short like a blink of an
eye and time flies even faster. I would like to be with who loves me,
who is truly, deeply and passionately loves me.

I love to be photographed and the camera loves me too :) I even did
some professional photoshoot and dreamed to become a model but the
reality brought me back on earth. After a couple of local newspapers
has stolen my photos I stopped knocking on closed doors because I
realized that it's a dirty business. Then i went to school and learned
the nail technician business and now work at home giving manicure to
my clients. I usually sit home with a book or watch a movie, unless my
friends call me out:) We know how to have fun together. We usually
have picnic in the park or go to the movie theater or even sitting
with friends in a little cafe. But if they insist, we might go to the
night club, but I don't really like that, it's very noisy and a lot of
dumb guys out there, clubs are just not for me:) At least Ukrainian
clubs:)) But actually nowadays all is closed and I can enjoy another
book without drunk scenes =) My parents work almost all the time, so
that we all have enough money to live on, it hurts to watch them try
to comfort each other's life and mine as well, but from my side after
work i do all the home chores, as i believe in family people should
support each other in everything.

Whenever I don't feel like going out, I usually study something, I
learn English from the old books that I was able to find at home, as I
don't have a working computer, does that make me a weirdo?)) I hope to
buy one sometime. One of my former classmates knows English very well,
so she translates everything for me :)) hopefully I will improve my
English soon, so that if we meet, we won't need any translator to
bother us :) I will do my best to keep up to the English of a foreign
man, I don't want to be a dummy:))) Bet? ;)

Sincerely, Olga.
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massive tits is a red flag its a scammer