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Hello !
I am very pleased to receive your letter, and am glad you wrote to me.
I'm sorry for what I did not meet you some time. I had problems with access to my email address. I hope you're not angry with me for it?
I liked a lot of what you wrote to me and I realized and I am glad that you are such a wonderful person.
And send your photo in the next letter please. I don't have whatsapp or viber. E-mail for me so far the only opportunity to communicate with you.
These days, I'm fine. I'll start with the fact that the weather here today beautiful. The sun is shining and warm!
I was born in the city of Aktobe, where I spent my childhood. Father left us with his mother,
I remember that bad, now he has his own family and he lives separately from us.
About 7 years ago, my mother got into a car accident. For me, it was a tragedy.
But my mother survived and is now doing well, but I often think about it.
After school I went to university where she studied at a teacher of primary school, and after I passed to practice in some schools.
Then I wanted to learn more and went to college on the masseuse and manicure specialist
and pedicure and even a hairdresser and went from there to the diplomas. After that I started to work in various beauty salons.
I would like to open a beauty salon one day,
and now I really dream about this because I have a lot of experience in this field and that I really like.
Recently, at the beginning of this year I was fired from one beauty salon, because it went bankrupt,
I'm home almost all the time , but I do not sit idle. I have a few old customers,
which I do hairstyles and manicures from time to time. Now the crisis Kazakhstan and live with every year
It gets worse. My country is lagging of all the world, prices are rising every week, it is difficult to find a job,
and on TV say that all is well.
This is my life at the moment, but I try to enjoy everything that God gives me in this moment.
I told a little about myself and now want to know more about you. What kind of education you have and who you work for?
In my next letter I will tell you more about myself.
I hope you are fine and you are a wonderful feeling.
Waiting for your news, Anastassiya.