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Hi , It is not necessary to describe my appearance I guess as my
photo can tell you almost everything and you just can be sure that
there is no photoshop used to make me more beautiful ;) I just don’t
know how to use this program so all my beauty is natural. Though it
could be not that easy to determine my age. Well, my date of birth is
1987. I live with my mom. Her name is Maria. My father died in
Chechnya (it’s Southern Russian republic) at the end of 90’s. It’s
been more than 10 years since that happened bur we still have pain in
our hearts. He was a wonderful military surgeon and saved many
people’s lifes but he didn’t care about himself that much and got
killed in the terrorist attack. I’m the only and very loved child in
the family. My mom is retired. She doesn’t like to spend all day at
house so she still has a job of a concierge right now. She quite likes
it. Since my father died she has never loved anyone else. It seems
that I’m a monogamic person as well. I’m looking for the right man for
myself. And you? Are looking for the right woman for yourself right
now? When the last time you had serious relationship and why did you
break up? What went wrong with that? And what actually are you looking
for right now? Tell me the truth please. Are you writing to me just
for fun of it? Or do you search for friend or for serious
relationship. I do have a lot friends but I understood that it is
almost impossible to find the man that feels right in my city. I’m
looking for man who would appreciate love and solicitude. And I
decided to use the internet to help me in that. I have heard that
world wide web has already helped a lot of people, have you? Sorry, my
time in the internet cafe is almost over. I’ll look up weather
forecast, tv program and then I’ll go home. Actually may be I’ll get
quick to the store to buy some fruits and some other food. Lately on
tv I have seen a wonderful recipe of the salad with fruits and
shrimps. I think that could be very delicious. To talk you soon!
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russian fakes as usual