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I'm a good listener. I'm kind and have quite a bit of patience. I'm a pretty tactful person, and get along with almost everyone. I'm intelligent and pretty well-educated/well-read. I'm sort of a hillbilly intellectual - down to earth and simultaneously philosophical. I appreciate the arts as much as a good compost pile. I think I'm a lot of fun, and I laugh a lot! I love dogs and I love my
adopted state of California, especially the big sky!
I am excited to meet someone to share a long term relationship with. When meeting someone for the first time, I want to show up with friendship in mind because I believe friendship creates a stable

foundation for a soulful connection. If we meet and the chemistry is absent, at the very least, we have had a nice conversation and have learned something new about ourselves and/or lives :-)
I would love to get married again at some point in the future. But must be with the right man who is ready to give it a try and ready to give everything to it..
In regards to a romantic relationship, I really enjoy connection, affection, authenticity, humor, presence and great communication. I am one who loves long conversations about life, our purpose, spirituality, relating, passions, struggles, triumphs...well, just about everything. Being in relationship always offers more opportunities for me to know myself and other humans a little better :-) I am fascinated!!! If you like to stay up late at night, snuggle and chat....yay!

I'm looking for a partner, a lover, a friend. Someone to support and be supported by. Looking for someone who can give me the attention i needed don't want a cheater, but someone who is ready to give love everything it deserved. Could be anyone from anywhere in United State don't want anyone who is outside the country I love being in relationship and I also know it is important to balance relationship time with my own self discovery time which includes: reading, meditating, yoga,

walking, vision boarding, dancing, contemplating, being with my Goddess girlfriends etc. It would be amazing to meet someone who knows himself on a deep level and has spent a good amount of time understanding/knowing what he values and wants :-) I also know things are ALWAYS changing, so there

is always room for one to evolve.
Something important about me.....I have a deep love for animals.
I am passionate about:
-spending time at the ocean/ walking on the beach/sun/waves/ ocean breeze..all ocean related things
-my nineteen year old him so much!!!
-studying mindfulness
-dancing (the kind where you know the moves b/c your body/music tells you!
-coffee :-)
-making vision boards
-practicing yoga
-learning new things
-peace being present
-helping others
some of the movies I really enjoy are The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Quarantine, While You Were Sleeping, Armageddon, I am Legend, Miss Congeniality, The Ghost and the Darkness, Independence Day.
One of my favorite authors is Dean Koontz. I like almost any kind of music including Berlin, Kings of Leon, Foreigner, Toto, Alabama, Mannheim Steamroller, Carrie Underwood, Billy Joel and many others. I am also currently into Grimm, Law and Order: SVU, Once Upon a Time, The Daily Show and Gabriel Iglesias, among other shows. Love Chinese food, tex-mex, pizza and subs. I am also fascinated with architecture and architectural engineering, buildings as a form of art. so if I ever go back to college thats what Ill study.
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