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Hello my dear

I'm so happy that you're write to me again! It's great for me to
continue our communication.

So lets get to know each other more closer. I'll tell you a bit
information about me and from your side I wish the same ;) I live in
Ukraine, in city with name Alchevsk. This city of regional
significance in the Lugansk region, during April-July 2014 the city
came under the control of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's
Republic because of the war. If you looked the news you may know about
situation in my country. The martial law now in our region. All
state-owned enterprises was closed but now the state is trying to
restore everything but the war still continues and I don't know when
will be the end of this horror... But anyway we are used to live here
within 2.5 year.

I'm 28 years old. I was born in Ukraine right there in Alchevsk and
still live here because it's my motherland. I live alone. My mother
and father live separately but we often see each other because I miss
them and they too) I work in sport store. I sell sports devices,
clothes and other things in different ways. In free time I like to
train. My favorite sport is cross-fit. I do my best to train for
feeling good, healthy and be fit! I wish to have the ideal figure to
make happy my future husband and be healthy. I will take care about
his health to because I want to have a good and healthy family and
there is no other way) Do you like sport? I don't drink, no
smoke and don't use the drugs. I think that these things were invented
for killing the nation. We have to fight this for the health of our
next generation. By the way photo in dress - it's my favorite dress.
My father present it to me on my birthday) You like how it look like?

What about Whatsapp...The situation in our region is terrible. As you
may know here is a war. It's very hard to find job here but i do my
best to survive . I have simple phone without modern application. Two
months ago I had to sell the phone because I had a debt for utility
services and I had nothing to pay. I had to sell my phone and now I
doesn't have a possibility to buy for me iPhone or something else. I
speak on simple mono-block without modern technologic , so now
only the way to communicate is here. Then will see how it will be. If
all be good I'll try to find another way. But I think it would be
better to meet in real!)

I send you some of my photos to see how I look like. One of them from
my work. One from my training and other photos were made by my best
friend from school Dasha. She lives near me. We know each other from
childhood) Hope you'll like them all)

Now is your turn! Tell me about you and your life? Where are you from?
What is your work? Do you have some hobbies? What do you do in free
time?) Are you family oriented? I hope you're here not for playing
games or asking for the nude photos of woman. Most important thing for
me it's strong relationships for creating good family in future and
making kid's :) I hope you have the same opinion) Tell me your first
impression about me? I'm very interested in it ;) I'll be
waiting for you letter. Kisses*

Yours Olga