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Hello there, I don't know how to start, if I am already here, I should give it a try, I guess. My name is Alla, and I am from Ukraine. I live in Donetsk. I am not sure you have ever heard about this place, because it's not a very remarkable spot on a world's map, but for me it's very meaningful, as this is the place, where I was born and where I made my first step and told my first word, so, it's very dear to me. I will try to tell you some more about it. I dont have viber or something like that but I think we can solve this problem if we are together))
What can I tell you about me in brief my dear? It is very difficult in a few
words, but I am going to try...I am a woman of 28 years old I think to be a very communicative and friendly person..I am very romantic and passionate, In my free time my dear I like to visit new places, do sport activities. I like to keep my self in a good shape :) I love also reading and cooking :) I will prepare some Ukrainian specialties for you ,ok ?))
I feel mature enough to start a family. This is the reason I am here. And why attractive woman like me would look for a husband on the internet you would ask? I guess the time has changed tremendously. And it is epoch of the Internet! Do you agree?
I dream of having a happy, healthy family of my own, and believe it is still a real possibility.
I am serious about my wanting a life partner and family, but am not in a huge rush to jump into something. I need to be very sure that my partner is right for me, and I for her.
If you feel like getting to know me better, don't hesitate to write me back, I'll be here to answer all your questions, and please, do me a favor, tell me something about you )
I believe there should be something special and extraordinary about every human being. And I am here to know you better. Waiting a lot to hear back from you
Alla ;)
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Hello again, my dear !
I was anticipating to get your soon answer and here it is. It's very rewarding to have you writing back to me, as that means you've got something about me to like. And that makes me feel very special already)
I am truly happy to get to know you some better. Thanks a lot for telling me about yourself
Oh, I must have forgotten to tell you, I work as a hairdresser in the hairdressing salon . I like to do my work with a pleasure. As my mom says, that because of my heart everyone takes my kindness for granted. But I don't care. I try to believe in the best of the humanity. And I don't need to be thanked in return. I am not asking for any gratitude, neither I look for any kind of profit, forget it! I just believe, that putting a smile to someone's face makes your day better! And when I think that someone whom I helped or made something good today will help someone else in his turn, it makes me feel even much more happier. I hope I am not making you think I am crazy or anything else of a kind. I just love this world and want to make it a better place just being who I am. My job maybe is not the main in the world but I enjoy it and do good things to people) Do you enjoy your work the same?
Well, my dear , I think it's time for me to go I do have an extra job, so I need to survive someone, as I am like a Aunt fairy that turns girls and women into princess))
Please, write me back, as I like talking to you and getting to know you better!
Your Ukrainian (and hope one day even more than friend) Alla )